A change in visit plans

Nebraska has been setting up some big official visit plans for the first two weekends of the season. The night games will allow players from further away to make it in that Saturday morning because only use of commercial travel is allowed by the NCAA. Whose visit has changed due to this rule?

Practice is underway at Las Vegas (Nev.) Palo Verde and Mike Smith and his team have already had their first practice. The 6-foot-6.5 and 240 pound Smith is seeing limited time right now because the coaches know what he can do, but need to get a look at the guys behind him.

"We actually just had our first scrimmage game yesterday," Smith said. "It was from a school from down the street, Sierra Vista."

"I did alright on defense. They didn't play me that much. They are a little more interested in seeing what everyone else can do. I will be playing both ways this year. They are planning on throwing a lot more this year, because we have another tight end that is fast and more of a running quarterback last year than this year."

The summer conditioning and training started the night that the baseball season came to a close for Smith. That very night he was at the gym getting ready for football. That type of dedication helped him attain his goals for this season.

"My main goals were just to get stronger and faster. I feel like I accomplished that. I am a lot stronger now than at this time last year. I also got faster and quicker."

Nebraska was the first team to offer Smith and since then he has been to see Nebraska for the spring game and set an official visit for the weekend of October 8. That was until two days ago.

"The date has changed for Nebraska. It is now September 10. I was coming in for Texas Tech, but now it is for the Wake Forest game. I just changed it two days ago."

"I had to go to a night game because there aren't many flights from Omaha to Las Vegas. I will leave on Saturday morning after my game. There wasn't anything later than night and I have to fly commercial."

Smith has a lot of important things coming up in the coming weeks beside the official to Nebraska. He is looking at getting into the first game of his senior year against a very good opponent. "Our first game is this week against Coronado. They should be decent. They should be alright."

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