Dublin has dominating performance

Speed kills and Sarasota (Flor.) has a lot of it. They don't have the size up front to get leaned on my a big offensive line, but then again you can't lean on what you can't catch. Ask Walter Dublin that. He had a chance to put on a clinic from the end and tackle position this weekend.

It's been a long time coming for Walter Dublin but the time had finally arrived. It was the chance to get out there and lead the defense of Sarasota (Flor.) as a senior. Walter and the defense were solid.

"It was pretty fun, we won 22-6," Dublin said. "This was just a pre-season game."

"I got after the quarterback a lot. I ended up with only two sacks on the night. I did block three punts. One of them was for a safety. I was trying to get into every statistical category possible."

That's three sacks by a 6-foot-2 and nearly a 240 pound defensive end. An end that might be the biggest of all of the defensive lineman that he is playing with this year.

"We were running a stunt. Our whole defensive line runs under a 4.6/40. We don't have the biggest defensive line, but everyone is fast and strong. We all bench over three (hundred) and we are just fast. They just couldn't handle it not even in max protect. We blocked five punts total that night."

Besides being dominating on special teams and blocking punts the literally shut down the other team's offense. An effort and a performance that Dublin was just pumped up to talk about what they did and what they could do.

"We held the team to negative 18 rushing yards, total. They only had 53 yards total on us the whole game. Our defense is going to be something else this year."

This weekend might be a little different for Sarasota. They will have a better foe, but the will be facing an option offense which Dublin believes that they can shut down again.

"We have Bayshore this weekend. This team is a bit of a different story. They have more athletes. They're not the fastest team, but they have more athletes and an option team. That is also what we are good at."

Dublin didn't cause all of his chaos from the end position. They moved him around so that offenses couldn't key off of him and consistently double-team or run it away from him. He might have done well inside, but he said that end is really where he wants to play.

"Last week I played defensive tackle just to mix it up. They obviously weren't expecting it. I was playing in a one technique up against the center and the guard and I was through there faster than he could snap the ball."

The start of the season has come, but the contact period is about to start back up again. Dublin has said that things have been quiet for a while, but he expects that will change come September 1.

"Right now it's been a little quiet. There's been practice and they can't call me yet. I am still up over 30 offers."

While recruiting from colleges has been quiet an accolade caught up with Dublin since the last time that Big Red Report caught up with him. He has received a nomination for the U.S. Army All-American game. A game that Dublin has already mentioned is a goal for him

"I wanted to let you know, the U.S. Army All-American Bowl, they sent me a little preliminary invitation thing. They were letting me know that I was nominated or whatnot for it. They said that in four to six weeks we should know about the formal invitations."

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