Palmer makes the complete switch

The move to safety is complete, but there is still a chance that you might see Ashley Palmer play a little quarterback this fall. All of the teams that have come in to Compton (Calif.) C.C. to see Palmer like him as a safety and why wouldn't you? He is a 6-foot-2 and 215 pound athlete that still runs in the 4.4 to 4.5-second range.

Ashley Palmer will see his first action against another team at safety this weekend for Compton (Calif.) C.C. Palmer is looking forward to the challenge of a top-rated team in the state.

"We go to play Grossmont this weekend for a scrimmage and then we have our season opener on September 3," Palmer said. "I am hearing that Grossmont is rated number five in the state right now."

"I think that we have a chance to contend for the championship. We are looking pretty good."

As of right now Palmer is only set to start at safety this year. He could find himself under center again in an emergency situation, but really all of the schools that are recruiting him like him as a safety.

"They have me as the emergency quarterback. I am playing all of the snaps on defense really. I have been getting some time back there and that is what schools were really offering me to play."

Palmer hadn't seen any time at safety for a few years. There really wasn't a question about playing the position though it was more about being able to carry the weight necessary to play the position and maintain his speed.

"It really wasn't a question as to whether or not I could play the position. The question was putting on the weight. I am up to 216 right now. I wanted to get between 215-220. Everything still seems that it is fast to me."

Palmer is still watching his offer list increase. Another PAC10 team has tendered an offer to Palmer, but little has changed on where he will be taking official visits or plans on taking official visits as of right now.

"Oregon was the latest to come in an offer. It was a couple of weeks ago. Nothing has really changed when it comes to my officials. I am still going to visit Ole Miss. They are the only school I have one set up to right now. I am also looking at Washington, Oregon State and Nebraska for officials."

Brandon Johnson who is a transfer to Compton C.C. who Big Red Report brought to you and he is making a smooth transition. The 300+ pound defensive end originally from Chicago, Ill. had a big inter-squad scrimmage the other day.

"Brandon is coming along really good since coming here from Chicago. He did really good in the last inter-squad scrimmage we had. He had three sacks and about eight tackles. He should start for us this year. You should see the guy."

Ashley also performed well in the scrimmage notching a couple of tackles. Ashley admits that he doesn't think that his chances at interceptions or big plays will come against his own team mainly because of the offense.

"I only had two tackles. We played man-free or a cover three. Our offense is the West Coast so everything gets dumped and everything that I was doing was just coming up to support or make the tackle. That was really it. I did well overall."

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