Nebraska will get official from Brown

On June 29 one of the top defensive ends in the nation pulled the trigger on his commitment and was set to sign with Illinois. Today though things have changed. Not dramatically, but they still have changed. Jerry Brown still considers himself committed to Illinois, albeit a soft commit, and will take some trips this fall to make sure he makes the right decision.

Jerry Brown has had some time since the end of June to get some insight on a very big decision he has to make. A decision that quite literally will take him through the next four to five years of his life. A decision that he once made about Illinois that he has began to wonder about. While Brown said that he wanted a chance to 'check out Illinois' doesn't mean that he hasn't ever been there or not. It just means that he has seen only the same things the past three years he has been there and not in the depth that he might need.

"I have been to Champaign, Ill. before. We have played 7 on 7 competitions there for three years in a row. I've seen the school, but I have only really seen the same things. I never got to know about the academic support and stuff."

So, is Brown still committed to Illinois?

"I'm still with Illinois, but I am going to take my visits to see if I am missing out on something. See if there is something else for me. It's a soft commit with trips to see other schools."

Brown got around to setting up two official visits just today. One is to Illinois and the other is to Nebraska. "I am going to visit Illinois on December 3. I set that one up today. I set up a visit to go to Nebraska to see the Oklahoma game on October 28."

What is Brown looking for when it comes to picking a school? It really comes down to opportunity. An opportunity for him off the field and another in the classroom. "I just don't want to miss a good opportunity, not that Illinois isn't a good opportunity, but another opportunity that is different somewhere that would allow me to shine and get a good education."

Brown feels like he can possibly get that good opportunity for himself on and off the field in Lincoln, Nebr. "Yes, I think that Nebraska could (give me a chance to shine and a good education). Coach Kevin Cosgrove is recruiting me from Nebraska. Since Nebraska first started recruiting me they have been treating me good."

Brown has been to Lincoln before. He was there this spring to take in a spring game. He was also able to see bits and pieces like he has only seen in Champaign. An official visit should get Jerry the experience and information he needs about Nebraska. "I went up to Lincoln for Junior Day this year. I like the field and their facilities. I like the coach because he reminds me of my head coach right now."

"Basically I am looking to see the whole thing. I saw the residential hall, but I didn't get to see the dorm rooms. I got a chance to see where they eat at and their learning facilities. I want to see how it feels at their football games and how devoted their fans are."

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