Floridian Lineman Prospect Ponders Great Plains

In speaking with Florida Offensive Line prospect Kareem Crowell, it has become apparent that he's ready to start narrowing things down to the point of taking visits and eventually getting his decision made. The question Cornhusker fans have on their mind is will he even make a visit at all. His answer regarding taking a trip to Lincoln may surprise you.

In looking at Kareem Crowell, you have a prospect whose measurables are solid, there's definitely a makeup that could lead to productivity on either side of the ball depending on where you'd like to place him.  His size would be ideal for a rush end, however, his speed limits that, so it appears his future is either at defensive tackle or offensive tackle along with possibly a fill-in guard spot.

When it comes down to it, Kareem doesn't much care where he ends up. He's just got to get on the field.  "Most coaches ask me what position I'd like to play and I tell them I'd like to play either offense or defense.  It doesn't really matter, I just want to play football," he said. 

Looking at his senior season, Crowell is looking to drop his body fat percentage while raising his overall level of muscle without dropping in speed, an area in which he'd also like to improve in.  "For this season, I put on a couple pounds so I'm looking to get in shape.  I'm looking to use my hands more with my arms and length more.  I'm just trying to get better overall for the eventual jump to college," he said.  Crowell stated that his ideal playing weight would probably be at about 293 pounds.

At the end of July, Crowell received offers from Rutgers and Eastern Kentucky bringing his total to over 20.  Some other names that have handed Kareem an offer are Auburn, Louisville, North Carolina, North Carolina State, Iowa State, Ole Miss, Illinois, Marshall and Nebraska.  Currently, Auburn is his favorite school followed by Louisville and North Carolina battling for the number two spot. 

He has two unofficial visits set up during the season as he will be visiting Auburn on September 3rd when they play Georgia Tech and will be visiting Florida State as they take on the Miami Hurricanes on Monday, September 5th.  Officially, he has no visits planned but counts Auburn, North Carolina and Louisville as obvious locks.  The other two positions are up in the air. 

With so many prospects wanting to stay close to home for a variety of reasons, Kareem's interest in Nebraska is not just one of athletics, but of general curiosity.  "I think they have a good program and I think they're gonna be one of my top schools eventually. They want me to come out on an official visit.  I haven't left Florida so I want to go out there and see how it is so I'd say (a trip) is a possibility," he said.   

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