Donald Bowens: Wide Receiver, Athlete...QB?

The season has already started for St. Petersburg High School and Donald Bowens but so far the experience can be chalked up as a memorable one as Bowens has had to temporarily switch from his wide receiver slot to another position. He also gave us the low down his lone definite official visit and his relationship with the Cornhuskers. Is it up to par? Find out inside.

Sharing responsibilities on a high school football team is a very good way to get yourself at least a look by a Division 1-A college.  For example, if you are an offensive lineman, if you take practice in the fine art of long snapping, theoretically, you could make a lot of good money per year doing simply that.  St. Petersburg, FL.'s quarterback was attempting to better himself a bit by serving as a punter as well and during warm ups the other week, opportunity backfield.

Instead of lining up and booting the ball a mile before the game, foot met ground, not pigskin.  The initial results were that he would be out for three weeks, but one of his wide receivers and current Nebraska prospect Donald Bowens reports that they expect him back pretty soon.  "He should be okay in a week or so," he said.

In the meantime, the job has been on Bowens to step in for the quarterback.  Donald Bowens wide receiver?  Meet Donald Bowens the option quarterback.  "I wanted to play quarterback before but I never got the chance," he said.  So, after getting a chance to live his dream, what did Bowens think of the experience?  "It was okay but I don't really like it because I can't do as much.  Mostly I just handed off to the backs.  I did throw four times and went like 2-4 for 10 yards.  Also on option keeps, I gad four rushes for 30 yards," he said.

Bowens will return to wide receiver soon, a position that all four colleges that have offered him (Nebraska, Rutgers, Ole Miss and Iowa State) are eyeballing him for.  In terms of what he's looking to improve this season, Bowens feels that he didn't do all he could do once the ball was in the air.  That needs to change, he said.  "I wasn't really aggressive towards the ball.  I didn't really go after the ball, so I'm definitely going to do my best to catch everything that goes my way," he said.

Right now, Bowens has only one official in mind and it's just on the verge of being called official.  "I'm taking one to Nebraska.  I was going to go on September 10th or 17th, but we haven't really decided which one.  There's about an 80% shot it'll be one of those two dates and I'm definitely going to get there, I just don't know when right now," he said.

As a sentimental favorite, Bowens is a big Florida State Seminole fan, but in speaking with Donald, you can sense the disappointment in his voice when talking about the ‘Noles.  "I don't want to wait on them. If they were interested as they said they were, and they said that they were going to send something, they would've sent me something by now.  I haven't gotten anything," he said.  As far as his actual favorite, that honor is still, "Up in the air," according to Bowens.

Looking at Donald's relationship with Nebraska, it appears that Coach Phil Elmassian has been smoothing things over with Bowens in general letting him know what the Nebraska experience is all about.  "It's going well.  I talked with Coach E like a week ago.  I called him it's a good relationship.  He's pretty much the only on I talk to, but I talked to the wide receivers coach (Ted Gilmore) once.  It's a smooth relationship and everything sounds good so I'm definitely taking a visit and seeing how it is," he said.

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