Five Star Alert: Devin Ross Coming To Lincoln

With the University of Nebraska's kickoff game against Maine now less than a week away, recruiting fanatics are starting to line up their visit boards and if they take a look at the Cornhuskers' list for this next week's game, it's obvious that several high profile prospects will be observing the 2005 edition of the Cornhuskers. One such prospect is Devin Ross, a highly-touted cornerback out of Rancho Cucamonga. Find out what he had to say about the upcoming visit.

With Nebraska fans salivating at the possibility of landing some of the many very athletically gifted prospects on their team's board, you'll have to excuse the average Cornhusker for drooling.  Especially when players like Devin Ross are showing up for the night game season opener against Maine.  A game which proves to be as full of excitement and energy as perhaps any this season.

Devin recently found out that he has actually had an offer from the University of California since about May.  The reason he only just found out was because they sent it to the wrong address.  With the Golden Bears finally in the mix, Ross' total offers jumps to 18.  Recently, he visited I've been to Washington, Oregon, and Oregon State along with Shareece Wright and Allen Bradford so he's no stranger to visits at this point.

This season, Ross says he is looking to improve most on his hands.  Some coaches might comment that in his junior campaign, Devin had "hands of stone".  Ross said that he is looking to soften their touch to he can cradle the football more effectively.  This will serve him well as most schools are looking at him as a cornerback prospect, however some are fiddling with the idea of playing Ross at runningback.

Currently, Nebraska is the only official visit Ross has but also wants to schedule one to see Oklahoma.  The other three visits are up in the air.  Devin claims no favorites currently. However, he noted that his Top 5 will be unveiled on August 31st

Devin notes that his relationship with Nebraska has been much to his expectations thus far and very pleasant.  "Last week I talked to the coaches and set up our flight.  We talk a lot and pretty openly.  I find myself talking to Coach (Bill) Busch mainly.  He's a nice guy," said Ross.

Every prospect has different things they look to take away from a visit.  When it comes to what Ross is interested in, it all comes down to the players and staff themselves.  "I really want to see how the people are around the school and how the team interacts and how the coaching staff reacts," he said.  Along with team chemistry, the location and atmosphere of the campus is also important to Devin.  "I'm used to just sunny weather but It really doesn't matter, anywhere I go, wherever is fine," he said.

So the big question that remains is: If Devin finds himself enjoying his trip to Nebraska, could the Cornhusker count the five star prospect amongst their numbers immediately?  "No, I'm going to take all five visits before I make my decision.  Once I know where I like the best after weighing all of the pros and cons, I'd commit to them," he said.

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