Latest offer jumps new team to top

One of the best recruits in the Las Vegas area is looking forward to a good year and to some very early official visits that he has set up in September. One of the schools that will receive an early official visit was the latest to offer. An offer he wasn't sure that he was going to get, but now that it is there it has jumped them to the top of the leader board.

Jashaad Gaines is a modest high school football player. Not modest because he isn't talented, but modest in a way that he doesn't talk up his abilities or his efforts. He just lets his action do the talking.

"We practiced against Silverado," Gaines said. "I don't think that I did great. Not bad at all, but not great."

"I didn't get any interceptions. I think that I got one pretty good hit. I am playing some offense, but I am not starting. I am going to play some running back and a little H-Back."

The last time that Big Red Report had a chance to meet up with Gaines it was on the heels of him picking up a very big offer. Since then he has had a brief chance to talk about it with that head coach.

"I had a chance to talk to Coach Weis a little bit since I received Notre Dame's offer. They have been in and out of practice. I did catch him for a little bit though."

Before the Notre Dame offer it could have been disputed that Nebraska and Oklahoma might have held an advantage of landing Gaines. Since the offer though it has throw a wrench in that leader board and bolted the Irish to the top.

"It definitely did throw a wrench in there. I always did consider them, but not as much as the others that offered because I didn't think that they were interested. Now that I know that they are they are definitely on the top."

One of the things that Gaines had a chance to talk to Coach Weis about is an official visit which he has set up in September. Still, Nebraska and Notre Dame are the only two schools to have official visits scheduled with Gaines.

"I set up an official to go out there on September 17. They are playing Michigan State I think that weekend. I will go to Nebraska the weekend before on September 9. I still haven't set up an official to Oklahoma."

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