Cobb brilliant in RB debut

Talk about a big coming out party for Antwaan Cobb. He averaged nine yards per carry, but it could have been over 20 yards per carry had his longest two runs not been called back. As a sophomore Cobb played wingback and as a junior he played fullback. Last week was only the first year for Cobb as a running back and it looks like it suits him just fine.

Antwaan Cobb and Pflugerville (Texas) had a big night. It was a good win and a great individual effort and achievement for Cobb in his first game as a the feature back.

"We won, 21-6," Cobb said. "I thought it went pretty well. I ran pretty good for the most part. I think that our team did well too."

"I had 12 carries for 108 yards and one touchdown. Two of my longest runs, of 89 and 64 yards, were called back. I would have had a 250 yard game and three touchdowns."

While Cobb and his team will prepare for an opponent this Friday the next morning he will be on his way to Lincoln, Nebr. for an official visit.

"I'll be taking an official this weekend to Nebraska. I am just looking for how well the team, coaching and the atmosphere when I go there."

As of right now Cobb is almost up to nine offers. However, he has trimmed the list somewhat to a top six. Out of the top six though only four teams have offered.

"I think that I have nine offers right now. I have leveled it down to six right now. They are Nebraska, Kansas State, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas A&M and Texas. All of the schools have offered me other than Texas and Oklahoma."

While Cobb may only have one official visit set don't take it like he could just take one and be done. He is planning on setting up his other officials when he returns to Texas.

"I don't have any other official visits scheduled, but I don't think that it will be one and done. I will set up the other visits when I get back."

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