Jordon McMichael Updates Official Visit List

As the season gears up for all teams including the Nebraska Cornhuskers, the prospects across America look to set up official visit dates, trip their top lists and basically get some manner of idea where they will attend college. Jordon McMichael will be visiting Nebraska in the coming weeks and gave us his thoughts on Nebraska, official visits he will be taking and what he'd look forward to most upon arrival into Lincoln.

If Nebraska were to pick up an athlete the likes of Jordon McMichael, he would fall under the now almost too famous "Two Way Prospect" category.  Sure, the Cornhuskers could line McMichael up at tight end, however, with his 6' 5" height, 230 pound frame and 4.6 40 yard dash, it might be almost too tempting to place him in the defensive secondary if not other positions after some strength and conditioning work. 

McMichael received an offer from Oklahoma a few weeks ago as a tight end bringing his total to seven offers along with Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado, Wisconsin, Northwestern and Boston College.  The offer must've been pretty impressive to Jordan who scheduled an official to Oklahoma on September 3rd in addition to his trip to Boston College on September 17th and to Nebraska on October 1st.

Jordon recognizes the ample opportunity for a collegiate prospect to improve his game from one season to the next and says that this year.  He will work on becoming a better tight end.  "One thing is as a Tight End I have to do better is with my run blocking and I need to make my routes a little more crisp," he said.

McMichael reports that his current favorites are Wisconsin, Boston College, Nebraska and Oklahoma in no particular order.  When asked about his eventual trip and how things are going with Nebraska, Jordon said, "Things have gone pretty good.  I've been keeping in touch with the coaches and really look forward to the visit and seeing the Sea of Red," he said.

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