James Nixon ready for first official visit

It's advantageous to come across a team that has multiple, division one caliber players. It makes a package deal a possibility. It also could allow for both to travel the same weekend. However, James Nixon is headed to Nebraska this weekend and Bruce Campbell is headed to Nebraska next weekend. What is James looking for on the trip and who does he know that will be on the field?

New Haven (Conn.) Hyde Leadership will have to wait to get on the field until the middle of September. The wait will do the body good for James Nixon. Nixon is recovering from a broken finger.

"The finger is good, it's great," Nixon said. "It was broke pretty bad. We were doing defensive back drills and I caught a ball wrong. They pinned it to help it heal faster."

While there will be some time off resting the finger before the season starts there is at least one trip that he has set up right now to take in. "I am taking an official to Nebraska this weekend. I am excited."

While the trip is the big headlining story the sub-story is that Nebraska squares off against Maine or Lionel Nixon's school. "It's going to be fun. I get to watch the game and watch my brother get smacked around a little bit. I just hope that he doesn't get laid out because if he does he knows that he's going to hear my mouth."

Nebraska hasn't officially extended an offer to Nixon, but one could be coming any day now. "I have no idea. It's only a verbal thing right now, they haven't offered in writing. I guess that they want to see more film. It could just be a matter of time."

When he is up in Nebraska there isn't any really in particular that he wants to see, but he would like to see how comfortable he is. "I just want to check everything out; see how comfortable I am down there. I want to see the atmosphere, see how friendly everyone is and see if I could be down there for four years."

Nixon has two older brothers that both play college football. What is it like coming from a family like that?

"It's fun, but sometimes there is a little pressure. Some people compare me to my brothers and say 'Hey, your brother is good. Your other brother is good. You are the last one for a couple more years until the other ones come along.'"

"There is a lot of pressure there to produce well. I just go out there and have fun and do what I do best; be an athlete."

James doing his best has gone out there and pulled in some very impressive offers. "I have offers from Rutgers, Maryland, Connecticut, North Carolina, Penn State, Florida and Oklahoma is just waiting on more film, but verbally they have said that they would offer me. I forgot another one. I haven't been concentrating on my recruiting too much, I just got back from camps."

Hyde Leadership doesn't have their first game until September 17 so taking in another visit or two isn't out of the realm of possibility for Nixon. He will have to take a look to see how his practice schedule looks before he sets anything else up.

"I have to find out how my practice schedule goes. I might take one or two more before the season starts. I want to go see North Carolina and Virginia. I went and saw Connecticut on an unofficial. I also would like to see Maryland and Penn State. I would like to see Florida, but I don't have the money. If I do it will probably be late."

Rutgers has expressed an interest in Nixon to play offense possibly, but most of his recruiting attention has come in the form of playing him as a cornerback. Ask Nixon what he wants to do though and he will tell you that he likes having the ball.

"Just about everyone is recruiting me as a cornerback. I like offense, personally. I also do special teams. I like kick return over punt return."

When Nixon returns from the injury he will be making a position change in the defensive backfield. He will be switching from cornerback to free safety. The safety position that is now open because his brother has moved on.

"I am trying to make the switch to safety from cornerback. It's kind of hard. I might have to actually get the playbook. They say that they need me there, so it's no problem."

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