DJ Jones Gives His Take On The Maine Game

Being a prospect coming into Memorial Stadium is one thing but when you're already a member of the Cornhuskers' current recruiting class, visits take on a bit of a different meaning for you. Omaha Central's DJ Jones was present on an unofficial visit to Nebraska and gave us his thoughts on the game, the recruits and the atmosphere in general.

The perspective of DJ Jones was a little different from the several high profile recruits at Nebraska's opening game versus Maine. Jones wasn't necessarily looking at what could be his future, but rather what would be. "I think the defense did really well. Steve Octavien, before he got hurt, was going really strong. I saw the linemen were doing well. Both LeKevin (Smith) and Titus (Adams)m as usual. Also, Bo Ruud, obviously," he said.

With Nebraska struggling in their first game somewhat along with several teams across the country, Jones added some perspective to the Cornhuskers' struggles. "I think it was a matter of it being the first game, they had to get back into the West Coast Offense plus just getting on the field and going against somebody new instead of each other. Frantz Hardy had a really good game, of course," he said.

Jones even had some words of encouragement for his future teammates. "They just have to go out there next game and work on the little mistakes that they made because everything must be perfect or at least make the attempt to be so that they come out with the win," he said.

We asked DJ if Nebraska's struggles made him a little cautious or less optimistic about the Cornhuskers' chances this season. "It doesn't. Everybody's first game can be a little rusty. Even ours (Omaha Central's) was," he said. When asked if he felt Nebraska would improve against Wake Forest, the four star prospect was encouraged. "Most definitely, I think this next game is going to be a real turn around and I think Zac (Taylor) will make smarter reads along with adjusting to the pressure a little better," he said.

Having the opportunity to walk the sidelines with both commits and recruits, Jones took the time to jaw with future and possible Cornhuskers alike. "I spoke with Jonas Mouton. I also talked to Seth Jensen and Menelik Holt, they're really cool. I talked to all of the visitors actually, we all got to chit chat," said Jones.

Jones said that the experience itself was intense and that the recruits came away with a positive impression of the Cornhuskers. "All of them were walking around and really enjoying the visit and Seth and I asked them about who was up at the top of their lists and they all said Nebraska," he said.

DJ and his team celebrated a 35-13 win over Omaha North lately and shared some details of his own team's struggles. "The first half, it was a little shaky. We weren't all right there, we were going against a new team and we had to focus on what we were doing. I was injured last year too so I had to get used to playing both sides of the ball again (Jones plays both Right Guard and Defensive End for Central). Once I got used to it at the end of the 2nd and 3rd quarter, we scored 35 straight on them," he said.

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