Cobb sees everything at Nebraska, rates it a 10

Nebraska hosted one of the top running backs in Texas this weekend. Antwan Cobb played on Friday and made the trip for an official on Saturday. Antwaan and his father both came away impressed from the experience in Lincoln this weekend. Committing also came up, but did he pull the trigger?

It's usually a good sign when an official visitor needs to take a nap on Sunday or Monday night following an official visit. It means that they had a full-schedule and usually that it was a good weekend. Antwan Cobb agreed.

"Yes sir, I am just tired," Cobb said. "It was a long weekend. That is a good thing."

"It was really trying to see everything on the official visit that I wanted. I got all that I wanted. I got everything. They covered academics, fan base, the atmosphere and the coaching staff."

One of the biggest things that stood out to Cobb were the fans and the stadium for the game. He was also smiling a lot as the fans knew who his name.

"It was big; a lot of red, a lot of white. All of the recruits were actually recognized while we were there. The fans knew all of us. It puts a smile on your face knowing that people study that and know who you are."

Cobb was hosted by one of the true freshman that saw the field this weekend, Barry Turner. Turner impressed Cobb as a visitor and also with his honesty about Lincoln.

"My host was Barry Turner. He is smooth; a Tennessee boy. He's a good host. He was real with me and that made things even better. He told me straight up about the ups and downs about Nebraska."

So considering that this is the first official that Cobb has taken, how would he rate his experience in Nebraska? "I rate it a '10'. It's because I haven't seen anywhere else and they covered everything. I would rate it a '10'."

As of right now Cobb isn't sure where he will take any of his other official visits, however it seems that he will take additional trips. It could have been a one and done for Cobb who admitted that the thought of committing crossed his mind.

"I don't know about any more official visits as of right now. I still have that in mind. I thought about committing while I was there. My dad liked it very much and the coaches were wanting me to commit."

Antwan's father was very impressed and surprised by what he saw while he was in Lincoln. "I was expecting something else, but I was surprised by how things went," Mr. Cobb said. "I was expecting something else. The whole thing was just a big surprise for me. In a good way."

Time to talk to some family is what Cobb is looking for before he makes any type of decision. He is not the only person in his house being recruited right now to play division one football. "I need to talk to my mom to see how she feels about it and talk to my twin brother because he is going to Kansas State probably."

"I told him I might visit Kansas State with him and see what he is thinking about that. I am also being recruited by Kansas State."

Cobb continued to impress on the field. He rushed for over 100 yards again and has a big game this week coming up against Converse (Texas) Judson. "We played Smithson Valley. I had another 150 yards this weekend. I thought I was a little underrated. I just go back there and do my job. I am getting outta recruiting what I wanted to get out of it."

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