Seth Jensen Selling Nebraska To Incoming Recruits

When Nebraska secured the commitment of Harrison Beck in 2004, they not only gained a quarterback, but they also gained another recruiter. It appears that the "Beck" of 2005 has emerged, but this individual is slightly larger. Four-star defensive lineman Seth Jensen has become a force not only on the field but on the sideline for Nebraska.

Seth Jensen is considering a career in sales and that appears to be a solid career choice as indicated by his work on the sidelines of the 2005 Nebraska home opener. "I spoke with Allen Bradford, Antwan Cobb, Menelik Holt, DJ Jones, Mike McNeil and I hung out a lot," he said. Obviously Seth must've said something right as McNeil committed to the Cornhuskers the next day. "Mike's a nice guy and he's going to fit in just perfectly with us. He's quiet, he's funny, a laid back player. I'm a little more open and talkative but we got along well," he said.

Jensen also reports that the entire hoard of recruits enjoyed what they saw in Lincoln. "Cobb really enjoyed it and all the guys from California thought the people were crazy but they loved it. We got the crowd pumped up," he said. "All of us got along really well, they really enjoyed the game, but it was getting kind of slow because of all of the challenges."

When not schmoozing with recruits, Jensen found himself loving Nebraska more and more with each passing second. "I love it every time I go up there. It never ceases to amaze me. It was awesome. Seeing the tunnel walk again and it was ten times louder than with the spring game. The offense was struggling a bit but they came through in the second half. The defense, it was awesome, they just shut those guys down," he said.

After being posed with the question about whether this visit solidified his commitment, he said such a prospect was impossible. "There was no doubt in my mind that I was ever going to change my mind. When I committed, there was no turning back," he said.

Interestingly, Seth's favorite part of the Nebraska experience isn't so much what happens during or after a game, rather what happens before it. "Getting into Lincoln, when we got there on I-80 we were passing car after car full of Nebraska fans and right when we got there, seeing all of the Husker flags and Blackshirt flags, it was amazing," said Jensen.

The four-star prospect out of Fort Morgan, CO. had some words of encouragement for his future teammates as they face the challenges of 2005. "Never give up and keep fighting. The defense didn't let up all game. They had some really outstanding passes that game. They just to keep their heads up when things seem to get rough," Jensen said.

Jensen's team lost a 29-6 decision against their rivals this past Friday but Seth admits that with a new coach and a new zone offense, things were probably destined to be a bit confusing. "At the same time, though, we had some really outstanding plays. Our wide receiver/cornerback came up with an outstanding over the top catch. I've got a lot to work on, though. I've got to stay with my guy on offense a little more and on defense I need to get my hands up quicker," he said.

While current Nebraska defensive end Adam Carriker spent some time at the quarterback position in high school, Jensen finds himself as perhaps the largest punter in a several mile radius. "I had a 48 yard average with a 56 yarder, and a 59 yarder with a 4 second hang time," he said.

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