Holt gets in official to Nebraska

Menelik Holt was one of the first commitments for the 2005-06 class. He was in Lincoln, Nebr. this weekend for the season opener. How did a real game experience in Lincoln compare to the spring game he saw earlier?

Husker fans received a big commitment present in the form of Josh Freeman and Menelik Holt earlier this summer. The duo decided at the spring game to become a package deal and go to the same school. That school is Nebraska.

Holt, a 6-foot-4 and 205 pound receiver from San Diego (Calif.) St. Augustine was in Lincoln this weekend. The official visit was supposed to be Josh and Menelik together again in Lincoln, but that didn't happen.

"I was there for an official," Holt said. "Josh wasn't able to make it this weekend. He had something to do, but he said he was going to go to a different game."

Hold has already been to Nebraska for the spring game. How did the two compare? "I flew up to the spring game and I liked that a lot. I couldn't believe how loud it was for the first game. I was like 'what the heck is this.' It was pretty shocking. The tunnel walk was pretty crazy."

One of the things that catches recruits off-guard in Nebraska is that fans know who the recruits are. Holt has already experienced that, but said that some of the other recruits couldn't believe it. He couldn't get over the fans.

"Some of the others guys were kind of shocked that everyone knew who they were. When I came to the spring game I heard people and people knew who I was. That wasn't shocking."

"I still can't get over how loud it was. I also was surprised at how long all of the fans stayed. Usually people are leaving in the fourth quarter, but just about everyone stayed."

While he was there for an official visit there were some things that Holt was looking to see again while he was in town. "I wanted to see the classes that I would be taking there. I got a chance to meet with one of the business teachers. I wanted to talk a little more with the strength coach. I got to talk to Coach Callahan again, that was cool."

Holt was part of a very large official visit weekend and had a chance to hang out with all of the visitors and a former and future teammate. "I got to talk to all of them. We all hung out. I got to know everyone. Jordan Congdon was my host. He did really good; tied the freshman record. I think that he kicked four or five field goals."

Holt has only played in one game so far. A game that he made an impression on both sides of the football. "We've had one game so far. I had an interception on the first drive. I had seven receptions for 80+ yards and two touchdowns. I think that I had a pretty solid game. I had one last year too. I don't think that they know how tall I am. I think that it was a screen that I tipped and caught it."

So, any thoughts for Holt about possibly playing defensive end at Nebraska? "Mmmmmm, no. I am an offensive guy."

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