Nebraska Trip Has "Major" Impact On Culbert

Nebraska has had to face a few in the past on the opposition's sidelines but now the Cornhuskers invite a "Major" of their own to Lincoln. Major Culbert stopped into town last weekend as the Nebraska football team opened up its schedule for 2005 and came away with a lot of positive things to say about the town, the school and the food.

Major Culbert admits it.  He was expecting the rows of cornstalks when he found himself entering Nebraska.  What he found was quite a bit different.  Upon entering Memorial Stadium, Culbert even found himself as a bit of a celebrity.  "The fans were screaming my name and wanted autographs.  I think I signed about 12," he said. 

While he didn't commit, Culbert found out a lot about Nebraska both as a football team and as an academic institution.  "I liked knowing that the school had high recommendations for the academics as well.  Everybody usually just has a football team but the background for the academics is not very high and makes it difficult to choose them," said Culbert.

Culbert chalked up Nebraska's offensive woes to first game mistakes and came away very impressed with a Blackshirt unit that utterly destroyed the Maine Black Bears.  "It was crazy. It was their first game so they didn't know what they were going to be looking at but their defense came up big.  It was real cool," he said.  So cool, in fact, that Culbert places Nebraska at the top of his list.

Major spent some time around other recruits he knew at the game such as Menelik Holt and Jonas Mouton.  Holt obviously liked what he saw being a commitment, but Mouton was uncommitted.  "He said it was real nice.  We were on the same level the whole time.  The food was nice, the game was nice and everything was great," Major said.

When it came down to using the old, reliable 1-10 scale, Major found himself touting double digits.  "It was a ten.  The coaches made us feel like we were at home and they don't tell you any bull.  They give you the real deal, the academics were really cool, the football team welcomed me really well," he said.

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