Did Nixon make it to Nebraska?

It was supposed to be a story inside of a story. James Nixon was supposed to be in Lincoln, Nebr. for an official to take on Maine. His brother, Lionel Nixon, was also supposed to be in Lincoln to play as a true freshman against Nebraska. What happened?

James Nixon from New Haven (CT) Hyde Leadership was unable to make it to Lincoln this past weekend. The 6-foot-0 and 190 pound cornerback is looking to possibly make the trip with a friend.

"I didn't go to Nebraska this weekend," Nixons said. "I didn't have enough money to get up there."

"I am thinking about going up there with Bruce (Campbell) this coming weekend. We don't start the season until next weekend."

One Nixon was in Lincoln, but not for an official. James older brother, Lionel, got to play as a true freshman against Nebraska. "I spoke to my brother about Nebraska. He only got in about three or four plays. He was a little nervous."

If the trip goes this weekend it will be an official visit for James. He was looking to get a hold of the coaches today or on Wednesday to set it up. "It would be an official to Nebraska this weekend."

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