Smith changes official visit date to Nebraska

While the first two weekends are supposed to be two of the largest weekends for Nebraska in their recruiting efforts; the last weekend in October isn't looking too shabby either. Nebraska is set to face off against their traditional Big 8 rivalry, Oklahoma, and set to host some of the best players in the nation. That list just got a little longer.

Mike Smith originally set out to see Nebraska in late October. Then the visit was bumped up to have him come in for the Wake Forest game. Now, Smith is back to coming to Nebraska for an official in October.

"No, we moved it back to the Oklahoma game," Smith said. "I don't even know what is going on with that. I have been so busy lately; I haven't even had a chance to think about it. Football is keeping me busy."

Besides the scheduling and re-scheduling of the official to Nebraska, Smith has had the season to stay up on and busy with. It hasn't gone the way he would like having lost their second game of the season. A game that was lost by special teams was particularly hard for Smith to handle.

"Our season is going O.K. We lost our last game. Special teams killed us. We gave up 21 points on special teams. We lost by nine. That was to Foothill. They have a really good running back that is only a junior. They were ranked number four and we were number three."

Smith admitted that he did not have a great first game, but turned it on in the second despite the loss. "The first game I didn't too great, but the second game I did pretty good. I made a sack and cased a fumble. I also had like six or seven tackles. I also caught a pass for 16 yards."

College coaches can call once again and Smith has been busy with the phone. He hasn't had a chance to talk to all of the schools that have called, but he knows about their efforts.

"I wasn't here when Cal or Michigan State called. I was at practice. I have spoke to UNLV and Nebraska. Cal and Michigan State haven't offered me yet. Michigan State was really seeing if I was interested in them."

Besides going to Nebraska for an official Smith has one other visit set up and another that he knows that he wants to take for sure. "I want to go to Cal for sure. I actually set up a visit to UNLV in December some time. They actually played a good game against New Mexico. That is one of the better teams in that conference."

If you saw Mike in person it looks like his frame could hold another 30 pounds, easily. He has spent the summer working hard to bulk up and did put about 20 pounds on. He admits though, that with the new weight might not have come the type of conditioning necessary for him to be in good playing condition.

"I am almost 240 now. I feel great. The first game I think that I was a little out of shape. I went through the same routine that I do every summer, but it didn't work as well because I was bigger and heavier. The first game I was totally sucking air. I trained harder this past week. I was a lot fresher and more stamina."

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