Massive Kentucky Offensive Lineman Ready For NU

Returning from a trip to home-state Kentucky, Jeff Adams now turns his attention to a place he's never been: Lincoln, Nebraska. Adams will be in attendance as the Cornhuskers play their second night game in a row against the Wake Forest Demon Deacons. Find out what Jeff is looking forward to on his trip into the land of the Scarlet and Cream.

Offensive linemen seem to be a hot topic these days across Nebraska and anywhere where you can find the letter "N" draped in scarlet.  Interestingly enough, Nebraska will be hosting a rather large one in Cazid, KY.'s Jeff Adams.  Adams stands 6' 8" and weighs in at 325 pounds putting him in excellent shape to play at offensive tackle should he decide to commit to Nebraska at any point in the future.

Looking back at his trip to Kentucky, he felt the experience was definitely a fun one.  "It was pretty good.  I really enjoyed the crowd and getting to walk up on the field," he said.  Adams ranked the visit an eight out of a one to ten scale.

When it comes to what Adams will be looking for when he walks upon Nebraskan soil, it'll be a combination of the comfort factor and academia.  "I'll be looking at the atmosphere, the people, the environment. Comfort's a big issue with me.  As far as the academics, I just want to see what they've got to offer," he said.    Adams isn't sure of his major of choice just yet, but is anxious to see what the Cornhuskers can offer him.

Adams said he looks forward to taking the game in as he's never set foot in Nebraska and is very interested in what it's like.  From what he's been told about the Cornhusker State, a friendly smile is something not in short supply.  "I've been told that it's really nice up there.  The campus is good and I heard the team is good and the defense is good plus the people are really nice," he said.

Adams' team recently won a 52-14 decision in which Jeff played both ways.  On the defensive side at Tackle, he notched 6 tackles, a sack and a blocked field goal.  Looking at the potential to make a decision, Jeff feels that currently, we're looking at a commitment decision shortly after his season ends.

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