Ricky Thenarse Ready To Descend On Lincoln

With Nebraska continuing its season this weekend with a second consecutive night game and 270th sellout against Wake Forest, they welcome yet another batch of official visitors and possible Cornhuskers-to-be. One such visitor is California's Ricky Thenarse, a versatile athlete that perhaps is flying a bit under the radar. We were able to sit down with Ricky and his coach to get their take on the weekend to come.

There are common terms in recruiting such as "over-rated", "under-rated", "diamond in the rough", "bust", etc.  Ricky Thenarse is simply who he is.  He is an athlete and according to his coach, "He's a multi talented athlete that can play on either side of the ball plus special teams.  I believe he could be like Ted Ginn, Jr. and he should play on both sides of the ball.  He ran a legit 4.48 wearing cleats on grass at USC," he said.

Ricky's coach went on to laud Thenarse not only for his athletic ability but his fortitude as well.  "The thing that separates him is his work ethic.  He never gets tired, he competes on every possession, every practice, every play. When we run sprints he tries to win every time," he said.

When asked about Ricky's character, his coach responded, "I think he's like a coach's player because what happened with him was he's a leader amongst his peers and when you can get him to do something, you get the rest of the team to do it," he said.

Thenarse's coach, who will be traveling with him to Nebraska, said that he and Ricky plan to sit down, view the pros and cons of the recruiting trail and make a decision after the season.  "He doesn't want to commit to a school and then de-commit," he said.  Once Ricky makes his decision, it's final.

According to Ricky's coach, the Nebraska visit has been all he has been talking about all week asking him who they were going to get to meet.  "He wants his own little experience out there," he said.

Looking through Ricky's eyes, he'll be looking not so much as the gloss of the program, but the inner workings.  "I'll be checking on how things are run along with how the program works and how the offense runs.  Plus I'll take the comfort factor and academics into account," said Thenarse.

Ricky said he's looking forward to seeing what Lincoln offers him as he has never set foot on Nebraskan soil.  What he does know, however, is that these Cornhuskers, they like their football.  "It's a football town," he said, "the fans are just crazy." 

Thenarse's team played last week and lost a 36-35 nail biter in which Ricky returned a punt 75 yards for a touchdown and had 9 carries for 93 yards.  When it comes down to making the decision, Ricky stands by his coach's words but also added, "I feel that I'll make the decision, when it feels right."

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