Campbell surprised by official to Nebraska

Nebraska fans are used to hearing it, but it's never the same for each player that visits Nebraska for the first time, coming in from either the east or west coast. The second they step on campus, the second they even get into town, the surprises are more than a few. That's how it was for offensive and defensive line prospect Bruce Campbell as he not only saw something interesting, but for both him and his mother, Nebraska wasn't anything like they thought it would be.

One of these days, someone at the University of Nebraska, simply trying to be funny might put a halter on a cow and while leading the official visitors around the campus, take the bovine along with. At least then people might get at least something of what they expect once they step onto the Nebraska campus for the first time.

It's not really what people expect, but it's not far from the truth and as Hyde Leadership high school's Bruce Campbell's found out, some things just catch you totally by surprise. "It wasn't even close to what I thought it would be," Campbell said of the experience versus his expectations coming into the visit. "I was thinking there would be a lot of corn and that the stadium would be out in the middle of nowhere."

"It wasn't like that at all. In fact, everything was almost the exact opposite of what I thought it would be."

Campbell's mom voiced a similar opinion, wondering where all the things were that she'd expected from seeing stereotypes of small Midwestern communities. "I didn't see any cows," she said jokingly. "I don't know what I was really expecting, but I know it wasn't what we saw when we got there."

As official visits are prone to be, there was a lot of tours, a whole lot of walking and lectures, speeches and just about everything else you can imagine to answer any and every question a recruit might have about UNL.

What most of them came to see, though, wasn't something that any words were going to be able to describe and once Campbell says he saw it for himself, he didn't have to hear it from someone else, because he was hearing it for himself. "The crowd was incredible," Campbell said of the famed "Sea of Red" in Memorial Stadium. "The red, it was so loud and the fans are just crazy."

Bruce's mother was impressed, but what struck her the most was that her son was a celebrity in a place, where he'd never even been. "Oh, there were autographs he was signing and the crowd was chanting his name, I just couldn't believe they even knew who he was," she said. "I have to tell you, I was just amazed by the whole thing."

Prior to the trip to Nebraska, Campbell had said many times over that while he was wanting to stay close to home, Nebraska was the one place that he wanted to see, because he didn't want to pass up the chance to take a look. They were the only school from that far away that he felt had a chance, albeit a slim one.

And now?

"That visit just made things a lot more complicated," Campbell said. "I had to check it out, but like I said, it wasn't anything like I thought it would be. So, now I have to sit and think about it and look at narrowing down my list."

One factor that is fairly new to Campbell is now he's thinking more about schools that are recruiting him for a specific position. The instant reaction here is that, of course, he's wanting to be a tackle, because he sees the potential future at that particular spot.

Not anymore, according to Campbell, because he looks at linemen close to his 6 foot, 7 inches in size, sees the weight they are at and thinks that it might necessarily be what he wants after all. "I keep thinking that here I am, around 6 foot, 7 and I can run around a 4.7 -40," he said. "I look at these linemen and they are like forty pounds more than me and I don't know that I want to put on that weight."

"As a defensive end, I think I'd be a much bigger weapon and that's really the position I am looking to play right now."

Evidently Nebraska agreed with that assessment, Campbell stating that after he walked onto campus and the coaches finally got a good up-close-and-personal look at him, the recruiting talk switched to the other side. Of course, Campbell has the option as to which side he'd play, but now with the Huskers and others, he's going to have the choice in the end.

Bruce's next choice is narrowing his list, one he says Nebraska will certainly make. Campbell also said that Maryland is on that list as well. Since these two are the only schools he's had a chance to visit, I asked him to compare the two as far as what he saw and only one thing he said separated the Terps from the Huskers. "There's just more stuff to do at Maryland," Bruce said. "I plan on enrolling in summer classes as much as I can, so that my season isn't quite as full and I know there's a lot of stuff to do around the University of Maryland."

"I had a great time in Lincoln and it was fun from the second I got there, but I just don't think there's as much to do there in my off-time. That's really the only thing that I can think separates Maryland from Nebraska."

Because of that one slight "to-do" factor we'll call it, Campbell gave Nebraska a "9" on his scale of 1-10.

There's a future visit planned to the University of Virginia, though no date has been set. And as to that list of favorites, Campbell said that it could be soon or it could be…….whenever. "I think I have a good idea of who they are, but I'm not completely sure right now, so I'll just have to sit down and think about all of this some more."

In the meantime, Campbell will be thinking about his visit and that fact that what he thought he was going to see, he actually didn't see at all. "I saw a different Nebraska than what I thought I was going to see," he said. "But, that's good, because if it had been like I thought it would be, I probably wouldn't be thinking this much about them."

"Now, I'm definitely thinking about them."

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