Josh Freeman Comments On Wake/NU

Josh Freeman is a Cornhusker, there's no doubt about that, but when the Missouri native signal caller came into Lincoln to watch Nebraska dismantle the Demon Deacons of Wake Forest, it was more a pleasure trip with a little bit of politicking to be done. With that said, we sat down with Freeman to get his thoughts on the game, the recruits and how his season has progressed.

Grandview, MO.'s Josh Freeman was a Cornhusker since the day he and Menelik Holt got together on a three-way phone conversation and pledged their futures to Nebraska.  His past weekend's trip to Lincoln counted as an official visit, but he admits it was more "icing on the cake" than anything.  "It was a lot of fun.  I got to see more of the off the field stuff.  I saw how they operate on game days.  It was like showing off all of my new toys," he said. 

While it was a chance for Freeman to view how Nebraska does things behind the scenes to prepare for a game, it was also a chance for him to gab with the other official visitors who have yet to choose a college to attend.  "This was a big week and I got in some good words with them. They all said they liked it," said Freeman.

Freeman said he knew of no commitments and commented a bit on David Ausberry saying that the receiver's unfamiliarity with the area and distance from home may play into his decision.  "He loved it, but he has family in Ohio and he's from California, so I'm not sure how it'll play out," he said.

Once again, Nebraska had some offensive troubles, but Freeman commented that it appeared the Cornhuskers are a few flicks of the lighter away from an erupting powder keg of offensive explosions.  "I thought it was a good game defensively.  In terms of offense, there were a few times where it seemed they were close to clicking," he said.

As for Freeman's Grandview team, he reports there are some team chemistry issues; however there are no issues when it comes to his production.  "Our offense is putting up some tremendous numbers like 450-500 yards per game.  During the first game, I passed for 403 yards and then 273 during the second.  I had four touchdowns and two interceptions in each game," he said.

When asked if he felt he was reaching his personal expectations on the season, Josh commented, "I think I am because my completion percentage is around 73 percent and for the amount of times we're throwing the ball, you're going to get some drops and deflections."

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