Committing crosses Hancock's mind at Nebraska

Nebraska has had some success getting players to come in the first couple of weeks this season. All of them have gone away impressed. Not just the player, but the parent, coach or guardian that has come with them. Quinton Hancock is no different and while he was in Nebraska he thought about ending it all.

Nebraska is in need of some more depth at the wide receiver position. Quinton Hancock could help out in that regard. The 6-foot-2 and 185 pound Hancock from Saint Augustine (Flor.) is helping his team to a perfect season so far.

"It's going good," Hancock said. "We're 3-0. We start district play this week. We are ranked #3 in the state in 3A. That is the third largest."

This past weekend after the victory Hancock got on a plane and headed out on his first official visit. He was a bit surprised by what he saw there and what he expected to see. "I took a trip to Nebraska. It went good. I expected to see cornfields. I was surprised when I got there."

The biggest thing to Hancock were the fans. Not just how loud they might have been at the game, but that they knew who he was and he might have even had to pass out an autograph or two. "The fans. When we walked out after warm-ups they all knew our names. That was pretty cool. They were yelling our names out. I signed a few autographs. That was the first time."

The Huskers are looking for some more help at receiver to help put the West Coast offense. What did he think about the offense on Saturday night and could he see himself helping out? "Nebraska is recruiting me as a wide receiver. I thought that they had a good offense and that I could fit in there."

So far Hancock has seen three schools. Three schools that according to him are all very equal. "I have seen Auburn and Florida other than Nebraska. I would say they are right up there with them. Auburn is a '9', Florida is a '9' and Nebraska is a '9'. They are all about even."

Auburn and Florida have a bit of an edge when it comes to location to Hancock, but will that be a determining factor? "Not really, it won't be a huge thing."

On the weekend Nebraska didn't receive any commitments, however Hancock came very close to pulling the commitment trigger. According to him, his mom wouldn't have cared as she really enjoyed the visit too and wouldn't mind him moving that far away for school.

"I was thinking about it. I am going to take some more visits. My mom came with me and she liked it too. She doesn't mind if I go that far away to go to school."

The other visits aren't set, but he has some ideas where he will be going. "I don't have any other official visits set. I will visit Auburn, Clemson and South Carolina. Nothing in the next couple of weeks though."

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