Anderson still considering Cornhuskers

Nebraska is trying to knock on a few doors in the recruiting hotbeds for college football. They have been trying to get more and more kids out of Texas. Last year Nebraska secured three commits from Texas and are looking to haul a few more out of Texas this year.

To haul Terrance Anderson out of Texas though for Nebraska is going to take some work. Much like the work that is necessary of the defense at Houston (Texas) Aldine in order for them to get some wins this season.

"It's started off kind of shaky, but it's going to be alright," Anderson said. "We have a new defense and a new defensive coordinator so they are learning. We have also been in some shoot outs."

Anderson hasn't had much of a hand in getting the defense acclimated to the new defense other than giving them a good look in scrimmage. Anderson, although touted to play defensive back in college, is playing 100% of his time on the offensive side of the ball right now.

"I am the starting quarterback. I am not really sure if they are going to put me back there at defense at all. Right now I am really just a prevent defensive back."

"I have been doing OK. I have started out pretty well. It's a spread offense that we run. I would just say that I am a pretty good quarterback."

"In two games I am 20 for 32 for 442 yards and four touchdowns. I have been tucking and running it too, but I am not really sure what my stats are. It's well over 100 yards."

With the season underway Anderson has still been able to stay up on trying to set some official visits. While no visits are set they are coming clearer. He has three that he knows about for sure with three other schools vying for those last two spots.

"Actually I have, but I haven't set any of them up. I am really beginning to look at that right now. I'd say Oklahoma State, Florida, and Oklahoma are three schools that I would really like to visit."

"The other two I would say Northwestern because they were the first school to offer me. The last one would either be Wisconsin or Nebraska."

When it comes to having to move away, Anderson isn't looking at distance as being a determining factor. He is getting that chance to attend college and play college football. That is the biggest thing for him.

"Not at all. I mean going to college is the biggest thing for me. Moving away for that isn't a big thing really."

In Anderson's top six schools you don't find any Texas schools. "To be honest, I was looking at Texas A&M, but I kind of lost contact with them. I also haven't had a Texas school offer me a scholarship other than UTEP. Those big-time Texas schools haven't shown that much interest."

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