Dean still set to visit, but coming alone

It was rumored at first that there might have been a problem with getting DeLaShaun Dean in this weekend. Well, that wasn't totally true, but there were thoughts about changing his official. As you will find out here from Big Red Report, he was always able to make it, but his traveling companion wasn't.

It's become increasingly important, not just for the player but the school, to host the official visitor and a parent, guardian or coach. DeLaShaun Dean had pushed back the official date to Nebraska already for that reason.

However, the reason existed again this week and there were some words saying that Dean wasn't going to come in. What is Dean's status for this weekend?

"Yeah, I rescheduled it just to this weekend," Dean said. "My mom isn't going to be able to go with me though. I am still going though. I had moved it from last weekend to this weekend. Things just didn't work out."

Is Dean looking to get a commitment out of the way and could Nebraska look to get a commitment from him this weekend? "Not this early. Maybe a little bit later down the road once I get back or when I finish the rest of my visits. I don't think that I am going to commit this early."

Is a reason why Nebraska might not be able to get his commitment this weekend be because of his mom not being able to trip to Nebraska? "No I don't think so. I believe that she will be able to trust my judgment of what I think when I was down there and seeing it for myself."

When it comes to what Dean is looking forward to on the visit it's simple; it's the game. Not because of seeing Nebraska in person or who they are playing against. It's much more special than that.

"I am looking forward to just seeing the game. I have never been to a college football game before. Never. I have been hearing that I am going to right place for a game."

Dean isn't going into Nebraska without some expectations though. He was able to tune in last week and formed an opinion on Nebraska's crowd and their defense. "I watched them on television against Wake Forest. The crowd is crazy. I thought that their defense stepped up."

Dean is really an athlete and could play cornerback, safety or receiver at Nebraska. But which one would he prefer to play? "I would prefer to play receiver at Nebraska. I think that they need more help on the offensive side of the ball than defensive, but I would contribute wherever. They also need safeties."

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