Nebraska gets high 9's or 10 from Clayborn

Huskers didn't have quite the quantity that they have had in the stands the past two weekends, but that doesn't mean that who was there to visit wasn't a great prospect. Adrian Clayborn is rated as the #13 defensive end in the nation according to and he is now calling Nebraska his outright leader.

Adrian Clayborn took in an official to Lincoln this weekend. The 6-foot-3 and 240 pound defensive end/linebacker is already half-way home when Big Red Report caught up with him.

"Yeah, I already left," Clayborn said. "I am in the Memphis airport right now."

"It was great. It was a great trip. That was my first time up there. To tell you the truth I thought I would see cornfields and country folks, but it wasn't that at all."

Some of the things that stood out to Clayborn didn't have anything to directly do with the team or the game. "I got to talk to academic support, the marketing guy that deal with Adidas and stuff like that and also had a girl host who took my on a tour and she was real honest and it was nice talking to her."

Those items along with a crazy gameday environment really too Clayborn by surprise. "All of the red. The people were chanting my name. I didn't know that was going to happen. They knew who I was and I don't even live there. It was crazy."

Clayborn was paired up with a defensive and an offensive host. He even knew on of them. "My host was Zac Bowman and Chris Brooks. I know Chris from St. Louis. I played against him my sophomore year. We know eachother."

One of the things that is also exciting for visitors is the chance to meet other visits. He met the other official visitor and then met three of Nebraska commitments.

"I met Perrish Cox from Texas. I don't think that DeLaShaun Dean so I don't think that he was there. I think that it was just the two of us (Clayborn and Cox). I met Josh Freeman who was there on an unofficial and two lineman; Ricky Henry and D.J. Jones."

The overall experience for Clayborn was very tough for him to sum up. He was pleasantly surprised and gave the visit a very high mark. "I would either rate it high "9" or a "10". It was a very good trip for me to tell you the truth."

One of the things that Clayborn was looking forward to on his visit was some one on one time with Coach Callahan. He got to spend some time with the head coach today.

"I spoke to Coach Callahan today right before I left. That was a big thing. It was great talking to him. He just told me that they wanted me bad and talked to me about my family."

While he was in Lincoln the thought of committing crossed his mind, but he has to go home and talk it over first. He is also looking at a few other official visits, but if he might not be able to get them in or won't get them in because of his thoughts for Nebraska.

"I did think about committing. I didn't though because I want to go home and talk to my mom. I want to take a couple of more visits, but I like Nebraska a lot."

"I am going to Texas Tech on October 1 and if I can I would like to schedule one to Missouri and Illinois before the season is over with because, I don't know, I just like Nebraska a lot right now."

With the scheduled official to Texas Tech and the two planned officials to Illinois and Missouri; would Clayborn call Nebraska a leader or a co-leader at this point? "I would say that they are my leader now."

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