Familiar Face On Campus Freeman Checks In

It's a shame that Grandview, Missouri quarterback Josh Freeman doesn't fly into Omaha, because if he did, he'd be racking up some quality frequent flyer miles. Freeman was in attendance once again for one of the more emotional victories in recent Nebraska history and gave his thoughts on the team's progress along with some recruiting notes and updates on Grandview High.

Nebraska fans remember how once Harrison Beck, perhaps one of the most highly ranked quarterbacks ever to commit to the Cornhuskers, continued to recruit for NU diligently following his commit.  Missouri native Josh Freeman appears to be unintentionally one-upping Beck as he was once again in town for the Pittsburgh-Nebraska game and plans to return for Iowa State, amongst other games.

Freeman said of Nebraska's offense, "They struggled a bit, but they moved the ball well running.  They still had some struggles passing, obviously."  In reference to the offensive line's improvement, he said, "I thought they did a great job."  In terms of the game overall, Freeman said, "I thought it was a pretty good game. The defense was good, special teams did well.  I look at the game as a positive thing. Pitt's not a horrible and Nebraska's 3-0," he said.  Freeman also commented that though they appear to be baby steps, Nebraska is improving week to week.

Freeman spent most of his time with official visitors Adrian Clayborn and Perrish Cox.  "Adrian really liked it.  Perrish, he was really tired during the game but he said he liked it," said Freeman.  Josh also notes that D.J. Jones returned for another visit as well.

Freeman's Grandview team had a tough task ahead of them as they faced the #4 ranked team in the class ahead of them.  Still, with Josh at the helm and the Grandview defense playing as a unit, they were able to come out on top.  "I was 17-25 for 250 yards, 4 touchdowns with no interceptions and I had 6 carries for 95 yards plus 1 touchdown on a 52 yard run," he said.  Grandview won the game 44-35 and is now 2-1, 1-0 in conference play.

Josh said of his team, "I think we've taken some big steps.  We've really improved our team unity and we're playing as an offense.  We're probably playing the best we ever have.  The defense wasn't doing too bad either as usually this team scores on every possession pounding up the middle, but we stopped them three or four times and we only had to punt once."

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