Cox returns from Nebraska

Nebraska's second official visitor just returned to Waco and was updating his father about the trip to Nebraska. The number six ranked and four star rated defensive back in the nation was on hand to see Nebraska beat Pitt. How did the visit go and did he commit?

Nebraska's second official visitor just touched down at Waco Regional Airport when Big Red Report caught up with the 6-foot-2 and 175 pound standout from Waco (Texas) University High School.

"Yeah, I went to Lincoln," Perrish Cox said. "I loved that visit. That visit was fun."

"That was my first time there. I really wasn't expecting or looking for anything. It was just my first time there. It did surprise me though. I didn't expect Lincoln to be like that."

Perrish said that the people involved with the program were some of the high points of his trip, but it was obvious what he was most impressed with. "The players were cool. The coaches were cool. When the fans yelled out my name that was a shocker. They knew who I was already. I felt like I was going to school there already. I could have signed some autographs, but I just shook some hands."

Cox was hosted by a fellow Texas and true freshman running back who played for the first time this season this past Saturday night. "Cody Glenn was my host from Rusk, Texas. He took his redshirt off and played that night."

Cox saw a pretty low scoring game, but felt positive about what he thought about the current team and the prospect of him being part of it. "They could have blown them out, but they came out with the win. I could see myself playing either defensive back or wide receiver there."

Nebraska isn't pigeon holing Cox to one position and is recruiting him as either a defensive back or receiver. Perrish prefers playing defensive back though. "They are recruiting me as both, but I would prefer playing defense. I am good at man to man coverage."

Cox was able to meet with the coach recruiting him as well as all of the other coaches. He spent some time at one of the coach's houses. "Coach Jay Norvell is recruiting me, but I spoke with all of the coaches though. We had dinner at a coach's house last night."

Did Perrish think about committing on his trip? "They asked me to commit, but I didn't. I wasn't going to. I am going to take some more visits. I got to Oklahoma in two weeks and Oklahoma State for January 20, but that is it."

Although Nebraska did not get a commitment from Cox it is pretty clear that they made an impression on the standout from Waco. "They are ranked up high. The visit was either a "7" or an "8"."

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