Krehbiel looking at two possible visits

Nebraska is like the Marines in that they are looking for a few good men, especially tackles. Nebraska is in pursuit of a tackle in a neighboring state and would like to take advantage of being closer to him than some of the other schools in pursuit. As he explains, Nebraska really isn't all that close though.

Scott Krehbiel wishes that he could get that last game back. The 6-foot-7 and 285 pound tackle from Pratt (Kan.) season started out just fine, but things could have gone a little better in the second half of the last game.

"It's not bad. We're 1-1," Krehbiel said. "In the loss no one played very well. In the second half we just fell apart."

Krehbiel wasn't aware of his exact stats, but said that his coach had pointed him out to him and the team in film review. "We don't keep track of pancakes, but our coach will point them out when they are obvious. I don't feel too badly about my season so far."

As of right now, Krehbiel isn't holding a bunch of offers, but every one of them is from a pretty good football school and more than a few are from exceptional football schools. "I am up to six offers. They are from Tennessee, Arkansas, Nebraska, Kansas, Kansas State and Colorado State."

When it comes to official visits though, nothing is set. He has told a couple of schools that he plans on visiting and nothing beyond that. Not even thoughts about who else the other three visits would go to. The only thing for certain right now is that Krehbiel will probably wait until the end of the season to take his trips.

"I told Colorado State and Kansas State that I was going to take visits to them, but other than that I haven't thought about it. I am going to wait until after the season. I will also play basketball, but I talked to my coach and he said that he understood if I had to miss."

College coaches have been able to contact recruits now for about three weeks. He has heard from all of the schools that have offered, but said that there wasn't a lot of interest that he was receiving that would indicate another offer was coming from another school.

What might indicate that this is anyone's race to win is that Krehbiel didn't grow up watching a particular team or school. Not even the in-state schools. "I didn't really grow up with a favorite college team. I would watch Michigan because I knew who they were when I was little. I grew up watching Nebraska a lot too."

When it comes to visiting Nebraska he is interested. There hasn't been much thought given to it, mostly because visits are a long ways away yet and there is plenty of season left. He has spoke to the Nebraska coaches about visiting though. "Yeah, obviously I am considering all of the schools that have offered, but I can't take officials to all of those schools. I am still recruiting all of them."

"Coach Downing is recruiting me from Nebraska. Mostly we have just talked about getting me up there to watch a game for a visit. I would be interested in taking an unofficial to Nebraska during the season, but as far away as it is and my football schedule here it would be very tough."

While some may say that with Nebraska being "close" and Krehbiel watching Nebraska as a kid that they could be a favorite, then you go and see where Pratt, Kan. is. It's not exactly a hope, skip or a jump away.

"It's little over six hours I bet (to Lincoln). We are a little over an hour west from Wichita, about half way to Dodge City from Wichita."

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