Where Does Konrad Reuland Stand?

Nebraska hasn't been shy about going out on a limb, especially when it comes to recruits as thus far, success has been found. Such is the case with Mission Viejo's Konrad Reuland. We were able to catch up with Konrad to see if his situation has changed any, how his season has been going and his thoughts on his eventual commitment.

Life's tough when you're a five-star tight end playing for one of the best teams in the country. You practice day in and day out, you fight and scrap to be the best and by halftime? You're enjoying Gatorade on the bench.

"It's been amazing so far. My numbers are down a bit because, basically I'm playing half of a game. We've pretty much annihilated any team we played. All of the starters came out before halftime in the first game when we were up 48-0 at the half. Most of the starters didn't play after the second game while we were up 49-3 at the half. We played on Friday night and we beat the #7 team in our county. We won that game 48-7," he said.

Konrad reports 5 catches, 2 touchdowns and approximately 80 yards in his limited duties. He feels that his lack of big numbers is simply because, there's no need to pass. "I think we haven't really had a need to throw the ball much. During the last game, we ran at least 80 percent of the time," he said.

When asked about favorites or official visits, Konrad stuck to his guns about not taking any until after the season but admits, "If the opportunity presents itself, I might take one or two if I could, but I don't see it happening."

Reuland plans on committing by January at the latest as he does not want his recruitment to go down to the wire. It appears he is forming a solid relationship with Nebraska's Bill Busch as well. "He just seems like a really outgoing, fun guy. I met him in person a couple times and when I came out for my unofficial, he showed me around and he seems like a really good guy," said Reuland.

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