Georgia Linebacker Connects With Newer NU Coach

Kelvin Sheppard has been all around the South during the past few months taking trips to Tulane, LSU and various other institutions surrounding his hometown of Stone Mountain, Georgia. We were able to catch up to Kelvin to talk to him about his top six teams, official visits, how his season has progressed thus far and what he thinks of his link to Nebraska.

The young man from Stone Mountain, Kelvin Sheppard took a journey this past summer that would make Lewis and Clark weary. Traveling to colleges numbering in the near double digits with friends, Sheppard is making the most of his collegiate recruiting experience. Now, however, it is time to turn his sights to his senior season, his swan song at his soon to be alma mater. Thus far, the results have been positive.

"We're 3-1 and we have a game tomorrow against Tri-City. They're pretty solid team, but we should beat them by at least three touchdowns," said Sheppard shrugging off the idea of bulletin board material. Kelvin feels that he's been able to step out onto the field and perform up to his expectations thus far this year.

"I've been performing every week. I come out and perform to help the team any way I can. I average about 10 tackles a game. I've got two sacks, a couple of pass breakups and over 10 tackles for loss," he said.

Sheppard was in down for the Georgia-South Carolina game and had an exciting time visiting Athens. "It was good and definitely exciting. The game atmosphere and the fans were just crazy," he said.

Kelvin had planned to take his first official visit to see LSU match up with the Tennessee Volunteers this weekend, however due to Hurricane Rita, the game has been moved to Monday night and he may have to adjust his plans. He will be visiting Virginia Tech to watch them take on Miami on November 5th.

He's been keeping in contact with Tennessee and Nebraska as well noting that he would like to attend the Tennessee-Georgia game along with his historic rivalry of Nebraska and Oklahoma. His final visit will likely be to either Maryland or Florida. The previous six teams mentioned are his current favorites.

When it comes to Nebraska, his connection is Runningbacks Coach Randy Jordan, a rather new player on the coaching scene, but a man who, Sheppard admits, is pretty fun to talk to. "Coach Jordan is a very cool guy. As a matter of fact, I'm planning to call him tonight and talk with him/ We talk about everything like what I'm planning on doing after college, how I've been doing in school, all sorts of stuff," said Sheppard.

Kelvin went into detail saying how Jordan is incredibly laid back and doesn't put on any commitment pressure. "He's a very down to earth and cool guy and he's great about the way he recruits."

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