Tupou looking forward to Nebraska visit

Nebraska is looking for some help at the tackle position. One thing is for sure though and that is that it is not easy to come in and play immediately out of high school at the offenisve line position at Nebraska under the West Coast Offense. That is why Nebraska has targeted one of the best junior college offensive tackles in the nation.

Nebraska did a good job early of going out and trageting one of the top junior college players in the nation. Fenuki Tupou from Sierra (Calif.) Junior Collee is having a good season so far.

"We're having a good season so far," Tupou said. "We have a pretty god team. I am not sure what we are rated."

Fenuki has a visit set up to see Nebraska on October 8. It will be the first official visit that he will take this year, so what is he looking forward to seeing at Nebraska?

"I am looking forward to seeing the college atmosphere. I want to see the city and the team and stuff. I want to see if I get a long with all of the players and the coaches too."

Tupou is being recruited by Coach Wagner from Nebraska. Not only is Coach Wagner the recruiting coach for Tupou, but would be his position coach if he chose to go to Nebraska.

"He seems like a very nice guy. He is also the offensive line coach so that is good. He is coming out to watch me play soon."

Tupou is almost up to double digit offers. Beyond that though he hasn't had a chance to sit down to think about other visits or who his leaders might be.

"I am up to eight or nine offers. I don't have any other official visits set. I haven't had a chance to sit down and think about my leaders or anything."

Although Tupou isn't willing to go out and say that he has a leader, he admits that Nebraska is one of the teams that he is seriously considering. Tupou has sat down to think about distance from home and that won't influence his decision.

"Nebraska will be one of the teams that I will seriously consider though as my leader. I haven't been out there before and I think about distance being a part of my decision, but it really won't be that big of a thing."

Tupou hasn't had a chance to see Nebraska on TV this year. Either the game wasn't covered regionally in California or if they were on TV nationally, Tupou was on the field himself.

"I haven't had a chance to see Nebraska on TV at all this year. The times that I could watch they weren't on TV here or if they were on TV I was playing."

When Tupou has spoke to Coach Wagner from Nebraska he said that the conversation often turns to Nebraska losing one tackle this year and early playing time. Having the chance to enroll in January and get a spring under his belt would only help his chances to see the field early at any school he chooses.

"Coach Wagner said that I could go in and look to play early. He said that they loose one of their tackles this year. I will be able to transfer in December and go in and play spring ball. I will have three to play two years."

While Fenuki knows about the time needed to play college football already, he is planning on keeping himself extra busy and is looking at a tough major. "I am thinking about majoring in law in college. It should keep me busy."

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