Hensel's season comes to an end

When life give you lemons take them and make lemonade. That is exactly what Dustin Hensel has done since suffering a season-ending knee injury. While one might get down about missing their last season at junior college his attention has turned to making a good choice about an eventual four year school as he has now become eligible to have three years to play three at the next level.

For Dustin Hensel the last day of fall camp wasn't supposed to be the last day of the season. He was supposed to have practice that day, a week of and then play a game. The standout from Goldengate (Calif.) Junior College suffered a serious knee injury that ended his season before it really began.

"The last day of two a days I just pulled and just hit the kid, started driving it and heard it pop," Hensel said. "We would have had a week off to get ready to play."

"I had the surgery about a month ago. I have been rehabbing for the past 3 weeks or so. I should be fine by November. I am ahead of schedule. It was my meniscus. I tore a long, lateral piece of it off."

While Hensel is left to look at about six more weeks of rehab he has some time now to get in some official visits. He took an official to Utah recently and really liked the experience.

"I took an official visit to Utah. It was real nice up there. It was against Utah State. They are a program on the rise, especially after the past couple of years. Looked like a great campus and a great team."

"I have a bit of a connection to Utah. My coach at Golden West used to coach at Utah. He was an offensive line coach there."

Hensel is looking at an upcoming visit to Nebraska and a very big football game. Recently Hensel sent up an official visit to Nebraska for the end of October.

"I actually just kind of informally, formally booked one with Nebraska for October 29 when they play Oklahoma. I have driven through Nebraska, but that is about it. We drove from California to Oklahoma, then up to Michigan then back to California."

"I am just looking forward to seeing the game at Nebraska. I have only caught about five minutes of their games this season. I see them a lot on ESPN Classic. I know it's a lot different than the 80's when they would jam the ball down their opponent's throats with the option. Coach Callahan is going to throw the ball a little more now."

"I am also going to go look at the school and the whole atmosphere. I want to see what they have going on out there"

Hensel is a player that should after his rehab will be a very marketable tackle. He comes from a very well-rounded offense in junior college and should be able to come in and help immediately.

"We run a lot of different sets; pretty much everything. It's pretty balanced. We run, run, run and then hit them deep with the pass. I am comfortable pass blocking and run blocking."

While the injury is a blow to Hensel and ended a season that he was looking forward to, he is not letting it get to him. His spirits are high and has turned the negative into a positive in his mind.

"I am not hanging my head about this injury. It sucks right now, but in the long run it will be alright. Right now I am a three to play three. It's a positive-negative. What are you going to do?"

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