Big time commit just needs to be sure

You aren't going to find many (if any) players more passionate about football than Bani Gbadyu. The Gaithersburg, Maryland linebacker is noted for his ferocity as well as the eye-popping statistics he can put up in a short time. Since his commitment to LSU, though, people have stopped paying attention. That, of course, was a mistake. Gbadyu is turning heads on the field, but his recruiting could turn heads off the field, because there's a chance it isn't quite done.

It's hardly a headline when a player that tallied 15 sacks last year would be a hot commodity going into his senior year. Throw into that the 78 tackles, with three forced fumbles and at least from a numbers aspect, you got yourself a player.

Add a little attitude to that, though, a lot of fortitude and a whole lot of fire to the 6 foot, 1 inch 210 pound frame and you've got yourself a machine.

You've got Bani Gbadyu

Going into this season, his last of his prep-career, Gbadyu was ready to lay it on people, never letting up for a second. According to Gbadyu, he's done just that. "We're bringing it all day on these guys, our defense is blowing people up," Bani said of his team that remains undefeated and allowed 32 yards in total offense to their last opponent. "We're just getting better to, so we're going like crazy."

Bani's significance isn't relegated to just the defensive side, the All-American candidate also taking to the opposition from the offensive side. Through three games, Gbadyu said that he's averaging 111 yards per game rushing, scoring two touchdowns per game.

The offensive side has to be productive, though, because he's found a little frustration on defense, because this year, everyone knows who he is. "Nobody runs my way, so it's hard, but it would be worse if I was playing defensive end like last year," he said. "At least now I can track down the ball."

Stars notwithstanding right now, Bani is at the very least, one of the most exciting players in the country. He'll look to bury you in the ground, while he's looking to make a stop on the defensive side of the ball. It's his attitude that he credits for a reason why his relentlessness is, well………..relentless.

"I go crazy out there," Bani said. "I always listen to that slow jazz music before the game, because it keeps me calmed down, but once we say our chant, we run out onto the field, man, I can't help but want to knock everyone I see on their @#%$."

His intensity, athleticism and motor are many of the reasons LSU coaches probably considered themselves lucky when Gbadyu pulled the trigger for the Tigers back in late July. And, Bani himself says that to this day, the reasons why he committed there still stand and he's planning on being A Tiger.


As it often can happen with earlier commits, Bani has been thinking, but more than that, his dad has been advising that LSU might be the place to go, but he'd like his son to be sure. "My dad wants me to be sure about LSU, because I haven't seen anyone else," Gbadyu said. "He says that how do I know that LSU is the place when I haven't checked everyone else out?

"The weather down there has been something to, because my dad was going to move wherever I went and he was planning on moving to New Orleans."

The devastation down in Louisiana can't go understated. From the thousands of lives lost, to the hundreds of thousands displaced from mandatory evacuation, a city that once stood as one of the more exotic, exciting and certainly culturally interesting cities in the country, now stands as not even a shadow of its former self.

From the tragedy of Katrina to the continuation of that tragedy through Hurricane Rita, many that once called New Orleans home, can't any longer.

For anyone thinking of moving to that area, the questions would seem obvious. "You have to think about it," Bani said. "It was one hurricane and then another. There's no way you can't think about it, because look at how much those people are suffering down there right now."

Bani was actually scheduled to take his official visit to LSU to see them take on the Tennessee Volunteers. Due to Hurricane Rita, though, the game had to be moved to this coming Monday. It was a game that the University of Tennessee was willing and ready to forfeit had the game not been changed, but LSU officials obliged due to the extreme circumstances, the game now scheduled to take place Monday evening, Tennessee flying in that morning for the game.

Gbadyu was upset at the movement for a lot of reasons, one, this is of course the team he's committed to playing for in the future, but two, that's it for visits for him probably for the rest of his regular season. "That was probably the only time I would have had time, because I can't really take anymore I don't think, because of the schedule," Bani said.

That means any future plans for visits to other places will have to wait as well, but while those visits have not yet been scheduled, Gbadyu has an idea where a few of them might go: "It'd been Penn State for one; they are three and o right now, Georgia would be another; they are just lighting people up on defense; Tennessee would be another, because I think they have a good defense and Nebraska; they play good defense and coach Elmassian (The Huskers' defensive back's coach and the coach recruiting Bani) is just the coolest guy to talk to," he said.

With his options relatively open right now, Bani would tell you just as quickly that he's still a commit to the Tigers of LSU. What he loved about them hasn't changed and the reasons he committed are just as strong now as they were then. He'd also say, though, that what his dad said was true and if he is truly a Tiger to be, the visits to these other places will cement that for all parties involved.

"It's important that I don't get there and then wonder if I made the best choice," Bani said "I love LSU, that's why I committed, but I never really looked that hard at anyone else. If you don't do that, you really are taking a chance that that is the place you wanted to be."

"I'm probably going to take these visits just to make sure of that, because that's really the smartest thing to do."

Gbadyu's team heads into what he called the big dogs on the schedule as far as the remainder of his team's season. It's teams like that, that really make him get up for a game. So much so, that his cool-calming jazz might not help to curtail the emotions inside, because when the big boys come ‘o calling, this is one guy that lives to respond.

"Great teams make great players play even better," Bani said. "I go crazy when I know we are facing a really good team and we have a couple of those coming up. That's what you live for and I'd just as soon play the best team every single week until it's our team that is sitting on top."

"There's nothing like playing the best competition you can face."

Gbadyu said there was no certain timeline on when he'd like to schedule those official visits, but with the season now heating up, everything will probably have to wait.

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