Four games in, Charles Deas has yet to play a game

Four games into the season, Charles Deas' Boyd H. Anderson high school football team is standing at 3-1. Deas is excited, knowing that his team has a chance to compete for the entire thing when the post-season arrives. The only question now is, will Deas be a part of it, because through 4 games, Charles has yet to play.

Charles Deas is practicing. He's out there when the games are being played, rooting his team on. He'd rather be playing, of course, but circumstances haven't dictated that he can hit the field just yet.

No, he's not injured, because an injury wouldn't have such a specific date as October 24th when he would be ready to go. However, that is when he receives what will ultimately dictate whether he's going to hit the field at all this season or remain a spectator for the rest of the year:

His report card

"My mom punished me, because of my grades, so I can't play football until I get my next report card," Deas said. "She told me that I already have football, but I don't have this and this is what matters more."

You can't fault the logic of Charles' mother, grades often the difference between a division 1-A future or a junior college destination. And while Charles would like to be playing right now, he understands why his mom laid down the law. "I know it's better for me in the long run," he said. "I just have to stick to this and make sure that my grades are where they need to be."

Grades are one of the reasons Deas' name isn't amongst those holding 50 offers or more. The 6 foot, 4 inch 330 pounder easily one of the best point of attack players in the nation. He's described as pure raw talent, because he hasn't needed much technique to be successful. He simply clobbers whoever is in his way.

For his current opponent, though, even his mammoth size and strength won't do. "This is what I have to do, so that's what I am doing," Charles said. "I know I am doing well, so I'll be waiting and really looking forward to October when I get my report card."

The lack of time on the field hasn't stopped the off-the-field attention, Deas stating the letters still come in by the pound, calls come in by the dozen. And while he's put all possible official visits on the backburner, there are still three schools standing tall:

Georgia, Nebraska and LSU

For the rest of the schools that he might be interested in, Deas said that he hasn't thought much about it and as you can probably understand, he's not going to think about it too much for right now. "It's about the grades and nothing but," Deas said. "I am just working hard to do my best and we'll see what happens after that."

"But, any visits will definitely be waiting until after my season is over."

Charles is actually calm about the situation, because he said he truly does understand the reason why his mom did what she did. He's sticking to the books, studying as hard as he can and is confident that come October and the end of the year, his grades will reflect the renewed dedication.

He wants to play, though, make no question, so while the ultimate objective of being able to make it into a school is there, the grades a vital part of doing just that, Deas looks to the day when he can make an impact at a place, where he knows he's even more formidable. "Yeah, I can't wait, the clock is ticking and I can't wait to get out there," Charles said. "The team is doing great, so it will be fun to just get in there and add to all the good things they are already doing."

"School comes first, though, because that's what's going to make sure I have a future, because with football, you never know how long that can be."

"But, yeah, I can't wait to strap it on again in a real game."

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