Paulo off to a great start

If there is a player that the hype just hasn't caught up to the prospect then it might be Ronnie Paulo. His team is off to a 4-0 start and he is leading the charge for his team on defense. He is only up to two offers still, but he could receive his third this weekend on an official visit.

Ronnie Paulo doesn't mind not getting mentioned with the big names of the recruiting world. He just goes out there and does his job. He has done his job exceptionally well so far this season. The 6-foot-2 and 225 pound Paulo has accumulated stats might thing are through a season.

"We're heading into week four of the season," Paulo said. "We are undefeated. I have 70 tackles and two sacks. 50 of those tackles are solo and 25 of them are for a loss."

The season and the word is getting out about Paulo. He just wrapped up scheduling his second official. "I just got done setting up an official visit with Arizona State. I didn't get my offer, but I am pretty sure that I will get it there. It just seems that way. The visit is for this weekend against USC."

Nebraska was the first to offer, was Paulo's childhood favorite and was in the lead for Paulo before the Arizona State visit was scheduled; could he commit this weekend and just end the process? "Probably commit this weekend? No. I want to see Nebraska first."

The fact of the matter is to Paulo that he doesn't expect to see too many different things on the trip. The weather and the landscape will generally not change. He is looking for the gameday atmosphere and above that to see how he will be welcomed.

"I don't expect to see too much of a change between the ways things are there and the way they are here. It's just hot. I want to see the atmosphere and see how I get treated."

While comparing Arizona to Nevada won't have a lot of differences, the differences between Nevada and Nebraska is what Paulo wants to get to see and also experience the tradition at Nebraska

"I haven't been to Nebraska before. I have a perception of Nebraska, but I want to check it out. On the visit though I think that the history and the legacy of the team will be something that will standout."

Paulo is still only up to two offers, but he is optimistic about his chances for his third this weekend. He is still hearing regularly from some other schools and others could be on their way.

"I still only have the two offers. They are from Nebraska and Utah. I think that I will get the offer from Arizona State and possibly from Fresno State."

Paulo has only been on an unofficial so far to this point. He still had three other official visits to consider scheduling. One of those visits though will be to go back to Utah.

"I have been to Utah before on an unofficial. I will take an official out there."

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