Soft Illinois Verbal Makes His Intentions Known

St. Louis, Missouri's Jerry Brown changed his status with the University of Illinois from solid to soft a while back and everyone wanted to find out why. Was the school not to his liking after all? Did he want to take a look at other schools? We were able to chat with Jerry to get his thoughts on the situation with Illinois, his current season and how his recruitment is starting to pick up after throwing his name back into the ring.

When Vashon High School Defensive End prospect Jerry Brown changed his verbal commitment to the University of Illinois from solid to soft, first year Head Coach Ron Zook couldn't have been too pleased. Still, the prospect out of Missouri felt that there were still some questions that he needed to have answered before his recruiting process was, indeed, over.

"Basically, I just wanted to look around make sure I wasn't missing out on anything," said Brown. "My criteria are pretty much the same, but another school might fill it more than Illinois." Brown has received no new offers but mentions that he is going to be sending his film to schools such as Tennessee and Georgia Tech, due to his desire to study graphic design, so an offer by both of those institutions may not be far off.

Jerry's season started out slowly but has picked up recently and the two way star for his team has contributed well to his team as both a defensive end and as a tight end. "It's just starting to pick up. we won our first game last Friday. We're currently at 1-3. This last game was one where we came out and exploded. I scored the first touchdown off of a 10 yard out and we won 25-6. The defense stayed keyed up and I ended up picking up 13 solo tackles and 2 sacks.

Brown feels that overall, his play is good but he needs to conform to the new expectations given to him as a two way player. "My game overall is very good, it's just about me taking a little bit more time to get in better shape and to keep working on conditioning. Making the transition from a one way guy to a two way guy has been tough, but I'll just keep working at it," he said.

Brown is ready to hit the recruiting trail hard and will be doing so starting this weekend when he visits Columbia to watch the Missouri Tigers take on the Texas Longhorns. He'll also be in Lincoln to see the Oklahoma Sooners battle the Nebraska Cornhuskers on October 29th, Oklahoma State versus Oklahoma on November 26th, Illinois on December 3rd and Missouri on December 10th. He is tossing around the idea of visiting Michigan State, however that visit is not a given at this point.

Jerry's main contact with Nebraska right now is Defensive Coordinator Kevin Cosgrove. Brown said of his relationship with Cosgrove, "It's great right now. We talk about twice a week. I got a chance to talk to coach Callahan. When I talk to every coach that recruits this area, the only coach that really stuck out to me was Oklahoma's coach, Coach (Kevin) Wilson," said Brown. Jerry mentioned that he liked Coach Wilson's straight-forward approach and felt he offered something unique.

He is excited, however, to hear from a former Oklahoma Head Coach. "I haven't got a chance to talk to Coach (John) Blake yet. The last time I talked to him was when I came up for junior day at Nebraska. We had a good conversation. He reminds me of my head coach," Jerry said.

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