Will Southern Four Star Prospect Make It To N

Big Red Report has brought you the perspective of Olive Branch High School's quarterback, Anthony Summers and his brother and teammate, wide receiver Markeith Summers, but now, we bring to you the perspective of four-star safety Allen Walker of the same team. Does he feel his offensive counterparts are doing as well as they say each other are? What are his thoughts on Nebraska? Will he be visiting Lincoln?

In talking to Anthony and Markeith Summers, we got a chance to see the brother versus brother debate which ended out being the same discussion on both ends. Now, we took blood out of the equation and brought in a bit more unbiased observer. That would be four-star Olive Branch High School's own Allen Walker, a friend of the Summers brothers, but a prospect on the other end of the ball. What does he think about the two's production thus far?

"They've been playing pretty well. We haven't played because we've been blowing people out but they've been performing to their standards," he said. When asked if he agreed with both Anthony and Markeith's assessment that the latter brother was dogging it a bit during the beginning of the season, Walker agreed but also pointed out, much like his teammates, that Markeith's work ethic and production has rapidly increased.

As far as the rest of the season goes, Olive Branch is 4-0 and you can't get much better than perfect especially when you're not just beating teams, you're dominating them. "It's been going good and we're working hard trying to get better. We (He, Markeith and Anthony Summers) played the first quarter and the first three minutes of the second quarter last week," he said. Olive Branch won their last game 64-6 as Walker displayed his athleticism scoring a nine-yard touchdown and a 20-yard reception touchdown.

Walker feels that due to the lack of playing time, he hasn't been truly tested, but that's about to end according to him. "I haven't gotten a chance to play, but things will start picking up with the competition we're about to face," said Walker. Acknowledging that he had some areas to work on, Walker said, "I probably need to tweak my technique when I'm playing defensive end," he said.

When Walker is placed at the end spot, he said he enjoys the physicality of the position and brings a unique combination of speed and power which will serve him well at his likely strong or free safety spot in college.

While Allen doesn't have any official visits set up yet, he did say, "I'll probably head up to Nebraska next week and then take a look at some more later on." He claims his current top five (in no particular order) as Florida, Ole Miss, LSU, Nebraska and Mississippi State.

When Walker speaks with someone from Nebraska, it's usually Defensive Line Coach John Blake, a man who knows the South very well and it shows when speaking to prospects like Allen. "We speak often and we have good conversation. He's done a really good job of recruiting. He's from the South so he knows where I'm coming from," said Walker. Allen mentioned that comfort would most likely play a rather large factor with players and coaches at his eventual school.

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