Davis is set to visit Nebraska this weekend

Nebraska has been very successful in getting top talent into visit during the first home games of the season this year. It would appear that Nebraska is again on track to land a nationally top-rated recruiting class. Greg Davis from Dyke (Virg.) Blue Ridge will be in town this weekend as Nebraska squares off with Iowa State.

Dyke (Virg.) Blue Ridge had a Thursday night game this week against a cross-town rival. Head Coach Mike Alley took the time following the game to catch up with Big Red Report to fill them in on the season and with Greg Davis.

"It went real well last night," Coach Alley said. "It was a bit of a blow-out of a cross-town rival. They had a couple of key injuries that really hurt them."

"We're 3-1. We lost a close game one Saturday. They had some size on the line and we had some talent with Greg and some other guys, but couldn't get them the ball."

Greg Davis is just a very special player. At 6-foot-3 and 205 pounds he could play a number of positions on the field, but is a nationally touted safety prospect. As a junior he had 42 tackles, four interceptions and one fumble caused.

On the other side of the ball he had 19 receptions for 300+ yds and two touchdowns. "I believe that he has nine offers. He told me that he was also offered by North Carolina State, but that is just Greg's word. I haven't seen that one."

While the options for Davis to choose a school have been coming up he has been reminded by Coach Mike Alley to keep the options open and go through the process. He says this as Davis gets ready for his first official visit this weekend.

"I tell him to keep his options open. I think that it's great to go visit Nebraska. It is a little far form his real home in Baltimore though; they were the first to offer and they really want him. He can get out there and see what they are all about."

While the nine or ten offers are pretty definite to Coach Mike Alley the specifics about Davis' favorites aren't. Coach Mike Alley did his best though to try and speak to it.

"I couldn't comment specifically on his favorites, but he does talk a lot about Nebraska, Virginia, Virginia Tech, and North Carolina State. He has a lot of options and this is a big decision for kids this age to make. It's a very difficult process."

When it comes down to narrowing his list there is a short, but important list of criteria that both Coach Mike Alley and Davis have spoke about to aid in his decision.

"We have talked about wanting to go to a school that he is comfortable with, get you on the field and take care of you academically. Those are really the three criteria that we spoke about and that I feel he will look at when it comes to his decision."

"I know that he is very excited about all of his offers. He may get out to Nebraska and love it. However, if he goes out there and does it then there's no regret. He needs to go through the whole process."

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