Reese says "10", decision could come soon?

Going into the Iowa State game, Pflugerville, Texas wide receiver Terrell Reese probably thought that he was going to experience more in regard to atmosphere and from the official visit tour than he was the actual game as he officially visited Nebraska. After all, going into the ISU game, Nebraska's passing attack hadn't exactly been inspiring. Well, 431 yards has a way of changing almost anyone's tune.

Before the Iowa State game, quarterback Zac Taylor wasn't exactly enthralling the world with his prowess as a passer. With just one touchdown passing, Taylor equaled that with a touchdown running, something he's not particularly known for doing.

4-star wideout Terrell Reese knew of the struggles that Nebraska was having as he came in for his official visit this last weekend. So, he, like most if not all of the fans, wasn't expecting a lot.

Certainly not 431 yards

"I didn't expect that at all," Reese said of Taylor's performance. "I mean, that's what I look for obviously, but I wasn't expecting them to toss it around like that and pile up those kinds of yards."

"The whole visit was just a whole lot of what I wasn't expecting, but I definitely wasn't expecting them to pass it around like that."

Coming from Texas, not having even seen a media guide, the stereotypes of the Midwest played a little bit of a role in Reese's mind-set before he arrived into Lincoln. The country, the flat land, the state with a modest populace; all of it had an affect. So much so, that once Reese got into town, it was the fact that there was a town there at all that caught him initially by surprise.

"I wasn't really expecting a city, but Lincoln is like a city," he said. "I was expecting just a small town, but it's not at all."

Terrell found himself caught off guard by that, the Nebraska offense and the environment as a whole. But, what was even more exciting to him was the environment once the actual game arrived. Amidst yet another sellout, Nebraska went into its first overtime ever in Memorial, the Huskers winning a supercharged emotional game over the 23rd ranked Cyclones.

Not even being a fan, Reese said that there wasn't any way you couldn't get caught up in that. "What a game," he said. "You couldn't ask for anything better than that. The crowd, the way Nebraska won and everything else, that was just an incredible experience."

"I was glad to be a part of that."

You can bet the Husker coaches wanted Reese to be even more apart of that, Terrell ranked as one of the top 13 wide receivers in the entire country. That's why Nebraska's got some competition for his services, from the likes of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Arizona and Arkansas.

And even with all the emotion of a visit like that, conceding that there was nothing about the trip he'd change, Reese held off on making what might have been a hasty decision, to sit back, evaluate and think about the other choices he has.

"You can't commit like that, I don't think," Reese said of making a spot decision on an official visit. "You have to get home, evaluate what you saw and then compare it to other choices you have."

"It's an important decision in my life, because I have to consider what it's like to live somewhere, to play somewhere and look at my other options, evaluate them and then I'll come up with a decision."

That sounds like a long process, but according to Reese, it could be a lot shorter than you think. With Oklahoma as the only "for sure" team that he'll be officially visiting with another school like Oklahoma State as a possibility, Terrell said that his decision could become clear far before anyone expects.

"Oklahoma is a definite visit, though, I don't have it scheduled right now," he said. "But, I don't think I am going to take all of my visits. I have been thinking about things, evaluating stuff from home and I don't figure this is going to take a long time."

"I don't know, but I just don't think it will right now."

Reese said that he'll be attending the annual "Red River" shootout in Dallas as the 2nd ranked Texas Longhorns play the currently unranked Oklahoma Sooners in what is always one of the most spirited rivalries in the country.

After that, he doesn't know. Outside of the official visit he'll take to see the Sooners, everything else is completely up in the air. But, as official visits go, his first one went pretty good.

"It was a 10, no doubt," Reese said of his visit to Lincoln. "There wasn't a single negative, no drawbacks at all. Everything was more than I though t it would be."

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