Nevada Prospect Receives NU Offer

It's always good to get a jump on recruiting and have an idea of who the hot prospects are early on in the race to sign the best class in the land. Sometimes, though, it's just as exciting to find new prospects later on in the process that are just as good as some of the highly-ranked prospects but just haven't gotten the same attention. Some even want to start a new tradition of their own. Nebraska has found such an athlete.

Quinton Carter out of North Las Vegas' Cheyenne High hasn't gotten a lot of press or hype that many of the players surrounding him in various states have. What he has gotten, however, is the attention of the Nebraska Cornhuskers. This attention can be shrugged off or it can really jumpstart a recruit's process and make him feel like a legit prospect. NU's offer did the latter.

"Any offer's a big thing, but it just put an extra smile on my face because I know they're a school with a great tradition and it gives me a chance to follow up on that tradition so I want to help bring that prestige back up to where it was," said Carter. Quinton was actually flattered that a college like Nebraska's would come down to observe him in the first place.

"I know there's a bunch of players around that get a lot of hype, but to have Nebraska come down and watch me, it just really puts a smile on my face to think I could go to a top-ranked school and make a big name for myself and for my school so we can start putting out more top athletes," he said.

Carter is being recruited at free safety but as far as where he's played during his senior season, it appears the easier question to answer would be, "Where hasn't he played?". "They've had me do a little bit of everything. Some Quarterback, receiver, tailback, free safety, our coach put me at linebacker a little bit," said Carter. Since last did updates on him, Quinton has remained the same height at 6' 1.5" but has upped his weight to 185 pounds and reports a new 4.47 40 yard dash.

He can currently max out at 300 pounds on his bench press, 475 pounds on his squats and 235 pounds on his power clean exercises. During his junior year at Cheyenne, Carter spent most of his time under center and threw for over 650 yards and 8 touchdowns during the regular season while running for over 400 on top of that.

Alongside the Nebraska offer, he now holds ones from Utah, Colorado State, Oregon State and UNLV along with solid interest from UCLA, Wisconsin, Colorado and Oregon. His current top four consist of Fresno State, Nebraska, Oregon State and UCLA. He feels his strength lies in his tackling ability and closing speed. He mentioned that he's been told he hits like a safety but covers like a cornerback.

This past summer, he visited California, UCLA and Oregon for camps along with UNLV. Now, he's working with a one loss record and playing wherever his coach needs him. "We're 5-1 and we've been winning pretty well. During the non-conference games, we played some pretty good teams but conference is where it all counts and we have one of the hardest conferences in this state. The truth will come out by the end of the month," said Carter.

Looking at Carter's official visits, he has two scheduled: One with Fresno State on October 15th for their homecoming game against Utah State along with Oregon State on the 24th of December. He is currently working with Nebraska to set up a date with them sometime this month along with UCLA. The fifth visit is yet to be determined.

While Quinton may not be a household name, which might not be the case for much longer as his name begins to circulate. We'll be sure to keep track of him for you and should he get an official visit nailed down, we'll have all of the details for you here at Big Red Report.

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