After Nebraska Trip, It's Down To Two

It's hard to miss Jordon McMichael whether he's walking down the streets of Lincoln, Nebraska or on the sidelines of the first double overtime game in Memorial Stadium history. So what did the large tight end prospect out of Minnesota think about Nebraska's record-shattering day against the Iowa State Cyclones, where does Nebraska stand on his list and when does he plan to pull the trigger?

Jordon McMichael admits there was a bit of excitement coming from his person at the Iowa State-Nebraska game this past weekend. "There was some bone-throwing, there was some chanting of my name, I was kind of embarrassed about that, honestly," he said chuckling. As far as his favorite part of the game itself, Jordon said, "It was probably when Nebraska was coming down the field in the fourth quarter with maybe a minute or two left and then they turned it over. When ISU got the ball the defense came out and absolutely shut down Iowa State. That was so cool."

It wasn't enough that the recruits in attendance got to see a football game, but they got to see history in the making as the Cornhuskers and Cyclones went to double overtime for the first time in Memorial Stadium history. "The first thing I thought was ‘Wow, they're really putting on a show for us' and then I'm trying to think about how I could be used in each scenario. I enjoyed the emotion that followed because I know from my team, we were in a similar situation and when they (the team facing his) threw that last incomplete pass, everyone was jumping for joy a lot. The only difference this time was Nebraska was jumping for joy along with about 80,000 other people," said McMichael.

McMichael knew Nebraska was a football school, a powerhouse, he called it, but when he looked up at the number of Academic All-Americans, he thought there had to be a misprint. "I thought they got some numbers wrong at first," he said with a laugh. "My favorite part of the tip overall besides hanging out with the players was meeting the Athletic Director and the academic advisor because they told me a lot that I didn't know. I was unaware that they were so highly regarded in academics. I was shown that they had a 91% graduation rate in football and I thought it was just about football," he said.

The trip to Nebraska places them "dead even with Boston College" according to McMichael. He ranks both visits a "9" on a 1-10 scale and went into a little detail as to what made each visit just a hair away from perfect. "With Nebraska, I'm a Minnesota boy and I love the cold, so it was pretty hot," he said with another smirk in his voice. "Another thing was I couldn't really find someone that was exactly like me there to speak with. The city of Lincoln, too, it's a great city but it's so different from Minneapolis," he said.

When it came to Boston College, the heat played a factor as well, but there was something else that McMichael noticed. "I liked the living conditions but felt somewhat isolated from the team as a whole," he said. Jordon stated that these issues were minor and won't factor all that much into his eventual decision which he is "90%" sure that he will make within the next one to two weeks.

We'll be sure to keep up with McMichael as he narrows down the pros along with the cons and selects between the Golden Eagles and the Cornhuskers.

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