Eloi taking final steps to making it to NU

Nebraska had a great recruiting class that included standout linebacker Steve Octavien. Octavien though didn't come to Lincoln alone. Following Octavien in an effort to play one day for Nebraska was Steve's nephew and two time junior college All-American, Keith Eloi.

Keith Eloi doesn't need the coattails of anyone for him to get around. He's a two time junior college All-American at William Rainey Harper (Ill.) Junior College and is now in Lincoln, Nebr. in an effort to become academically qualified to play one day for Nebraska.

"Actually today (Monday) was my first day (at junior college)," Eloi said. "Yep, today was my first day."

"From what I have heard from my counselors at Southeast Community College is that I should be done by the fall. I should be able to enroll in January at Nebraska."

What stands in front of Keith is still a bit of a mystery. The only thing for sure is that he needs his associate degree, to apply and to fill out the NCAA Clearing House.

"I am not sure on that. I know this for sure and that is that I need my associate degree, I need to apply so they can see where I am at and what I need to graduate from there and still need to fill out the Clearing House because I never did that when I was in High School."

"Right now I have the classes that I need at Southeast and the counselors have told me that I should be able to enroll at Nebraska in January. That is great news."

Keith is the nephew of current Husker Steve Octavien. Octavien's season started out how many anticipated but ended abruptly with a leg injury. While it was bitter for Steve to swallow about not playing again this year, Keith and he shared the same thoughts about the injury and a possible medical redshirt.

"He told me that was what he was going to get. That gives us the chance to play the next two and last two years together. That is actually the first thing that came to both of our minds when he got hurt. It sounds kind of bad to say that, but it's true."

"When I went to talk to him in the trainer's office he told me that. He told me that exact thing. You know we don't want to think about things in a negative way."

Eloi and Octavien are more than uncle and nephew, they might as well be brothers. They were raised together and have played football on the same team all the way since they were in midget football through high school and into junior college. The last chapter seems to lie in Lincoln to a book that Keith is now considering sitting down and writing.

"To tell you the truth, writing the book doesn't sound like a bad idea at all does it? It actually does make sense to sit down and actually write it."

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