"I can't wait to get there..."

"That would be great if we could all go there," Andre Jones said. "We have been talking about it since we got the offer." That is what Andre Jones had to say about the upcoming visit to Nebraska this weekend with his teammate Steve Allen. How is Jones' season going and what else is he looking forward to about this weekend?

It would be insane for a basketball player to say there wouldn't be a point scored by any man he was going to guard this season as a goal. What might be equally insane is for a cornerback to say that he didn't want to allow a pass completion to his side of the field all season.

It would be insane, but so far it's happened. Andre Jones is yet to allow a pass completion to his side of the field. It was his goal.

"I have not had a pass completed on my side of the field all season," Jones said. "No sir. Not at all."

"It was a goal. I told myself that this season I wanted to become a lock-down corner and not allow a pass completion to my side. I just worked at it."

"In our defense we run a lot of man coverage and that is what I like to do. That is what makes it so tough for other teams to complete passes to my side. Anytime I am in man I am trying to dominate each play. I say in my head that I need to lock this one down."

This top junior college defensive back from Fresno (Calif.) Community College is going to be in Lincoln, Nebr. this weekend with a teammate. This is the second time through the recruiting process for Jones and is bringing back some memories.

"I am coming to Nebraska this weekend with Steve Allen. I am really looking forward to meeting the coaches and meeting the players first of all. This sort of feels like de ja vu all over again a little bit going through recruiting again and taking official visits."

This will be Jones first chance to ever come to Nebraska. More than anything Jones is ready to expound on the relationship that he has already began with the Nebraska coaching staff by meeting them personally and the players at Nebraska.

"I am just excited about meeting their coaching staff. I am also excited that they are so excited about me. Just to go somewhere that you are wanted and needed is enough right there."

Jones is the type of defensive back that Nebraska has moved to. They are looking for taller, bigger and still faster defensive backs. Jones attributes the need on defense to a change that people are making on offense.

"These receivers these days are bigger, faster, stronger. You need to be able to match-up."

Most of the interview Jones was just beside himself when it came to talking about visiting Nebraska. It's the honest, immediate comments though that gives you the best indication about his thoughts about Nebraska and his anticipation of this visit.

"I can't wait to get there. Oh man. I just can't wait."

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