Florida wideout has one official in mind

After Nebraska's 431 yard passing performance, receivers around the country that might have been eyeing Nebraska with a casual eye, could be looking a little harder. Up to the performance against Iowa State, the passing attack of the Huskers had been anemic. At least for one game, it's not anemic anymore. Wide receiver Donald Bowens took notice, because amongst the many thing's he's looking at, one of them is definitely getting the ball.

431 yards passing is for some schools a good, but not an epic day. Certainly not a record day. For Nebraska, it was both.

Junior quarterback Zac Taylor completed 36 of his 55 passes, accumulating those 431 yards, notching 2 scores as Nebraska defeated Iowa State in double overtime. Both the completions and the yards were all-time single-game records for Nebraska.

If you are a high school wideout looking at colleges for the future, one of the criteria inevitably has to be about opportunities at getting the ball. Sure, they all want opportunities on the field, but just because you are on the field doesn't mean you are going to see any action.

In the game against Iowa State, 10 different Huskers saw just that, all catching balls during the game.

When St. Petersburg wide receiver Donald Bowens heard of the performance, he was obviously impressed. "That's pretty good to get that many yards and that many players catching balls," he said. "Any wide receiver wants to go someplace that they know the quarterbacks can get them the ball."

Bowens knows what to do with that ball once he's got in his hands and he's proof positive that you don't need a ton of catches to make a huge impact in a game. In his last game, the 6 foot, 3 inch, 195 lbs. wideout had just 3 receptions, but scored once and totaled 115 yards. Bowens also added an interception on defense.

So, he's not greedy when it comes to catches, because he knows it's the opportunities to make those catches that matter. "The catch is one thing, but what you do after the catch is just as important," Donald said. "Like in this last game, I caught a slant and took it in from 70 yards."

"You can have a bunch of catches, but if you can't do something with it, it doesn't really matter."

Right now Bowens is looking at a lot of schools where he could play his collegiate career. Nebraska is of course one of those, but also on that list are Iowa State, Rutgers, Ole Miss, Indiana and Florida, just to name a few. Of that list, all have offered except for Florida.

That's big, but don't let the fact that this is a Florida prep star lull you into thinking that if the Gators do offer, there's a commit coming about half a second later. "No, it's not like that, because I want to look at my options and see who's the best fit for me," Bowens said. "I'm looking for a place that has a good journalism department, plus I am looking at an opportunity to get on the field early."

As of right now, Bowens hasn't set up any official visits, but is working on setting one up to Nebraska right now. Donald had planned on visiting the weekend of the Oklahoma game, but says that because he plans on visiting with a friend, both the schedules have to work out.

"I'm planning on visiting there with Colin McCarthy," Donald said of the Central Catholic linebacker. "It didn't look like the 29th was going to work out, so I think we are going to come up for Kansas State (Nov. 12)."

As to any other visits, Donald said that he hadn't scheduled any as of yet, but would be looking at doing that in the near future. As to a favorite, Donald said there wasn't one, but cited positive relationships with recruiters from Nebraska, Indiana and Florida as part of what he's looking at in trying to narrow down his schools.

But it all does come down to the visits. "On a visit, I'll get to see the interaction with coaches and players, plus I will get to see what the campus is like, the town, basically everything," Bowens said. "That's going to give me a lot better idea of where I might fit in the best."

Added Stuff: Coach Elmassian seems to be doing a real good job at recruiting Bowens and Donald particularly likes his up front, no B.S. demeanor. As most recruits learn and appreciate over the months of calls, visits, etc., they like the "tell it like it is" personalities.

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