Trip to Nebraska exceeds expectations

On the north side of Memorial Stadium in Lincoln, Nebr. it reads "Through these gates pass the greatest fans in college football". Nebraska may be in debt for how this past weekend's official visitors were treated. Greg Davis couldn't say enough about the crowd and the game which vaulted Nebraska into his leader position.

It's hard to keep a level head on official visits I imagine. For Greg Davis the first experience for him with Nebraska this weekend wasn't in Nebraska or even in the airport, it was on the airplane coming to Nebraska.

"It was mind blowing. The fans were crazy. When I got there, on the plane, some of the fans knew who I was. They were on their way to see the game I think."

One of the big traditions at Nebraska is the way that the players enter the stadium, The Tunnel Walk. The visitors are able to experience this ahead of the team and get a chance to see the student section immediately when they come out.

Davis saw some things in Nebraska that he just didn't think were possible or couldn't imagine. It just added up to a feeling though and he was feeling that the whole game.

"When I was coming out of the tunnel walk there were fans there were fans with my picture on their shirt. I was like, 'How did they get that?' That was crazy. I was feeling the music and I started bobbing and dancing. I was feeling it."

This was Davis' first trip to Nebraska and it was a shock to him what he saw. "To tell you the truth? I thought I was going to see nothing. I thought that I was going to see some cornfields and that is about it. To be honest, they have a lot of stuff to do there."

One of the things that Davis appreciated the most was the town and the people there. He saw how much they appreciated the team and the players. "It was the best. The fans rally around their team. Wherever you go they know you are. Even if you are the fifth string kicker they know who you are. They are nuts over football."

One thing that Davis saw a lot of was Nebraska's defense and got to know their nickname: The Blackshirts. He couldn't believe how much the fans appreciate and cheer on the defense. He got caught up in it and learned a little Nebraska defense sign.

"They have the Blackshirts and when they go on the field their fans go crazy. Being a defensive player I loved that. It was cool. I threw the bones. When I came out from the tunnel walk I threw the bones and the whole student section, maybe 30,000 people, threw the bones back at me."

At Blueridge, Davis is brought up to not only appreciate athletics but also academics. It is something that Greg and his coach Mike Alley talk about a lot. He was impressed with the academic possibilities at Nebraska.

"I loved the academic side at Nebraska. Here at Blueridge they stress academics. It's a big part of being here. Getting my degree is important to me. They told me that they lead in academic All-Americans."

"I met with the academic advisor, Mr. LeBlanc. We talked about how much each class is worth and I told him that I wanted to major in business. I love dealing with business and setting stuff up like that. I want to be on Wall Street."

This wasn't the first time that he met the coach recruiting him from Nebraska. He did get a real good idea how Coach Elmassian worked and what he was all about though. He also learned that he could play early at Nebraska from Coach Elmassian.

"I met Coach Elmassian when he came up to Blueridge when the coaches could come up to see us. He is a real cool guy, he's real straight-up. I like that. He will get right to the point. He told me that I could play early there at Nebraska at cornerback or safety."

He was also able to spend time with Head Coach Bill Callahan who called Davis by his nickname most of the time he was there with him. "Coach Callahan was really laid back with me. We just chilled in his office. He was really cool. We just talked. He kept calling me Hollywood. That's the famous nickname."

Although there isn't a basis for comparison, Davis was able to assign a rating to the Nebraska visit based on expectations. "Nebraska was my first official visit. The visit surpassed my expectations from what I expected to see. It would get over a "10". From what I expected, it went past that."

Davis isn't looking to make a decision anytime soon and has three schools pegged to receive official visits. He is looking at another three schools to possibly receive his last visit.

"Our schedule is tight here, but I would try to get one in to North Carolina State in November. We are looking at some time in early December for Virginia Tech. Hopefully I will take on to Virginia. That last one I am keeping open right now to use possibly to Maryland, West Virginia or Miami."

Before the visit Nebraska was not in the driver's seat to receive a commitment from Davis, but after the visit some things have changed. "No, Nebraska was my number three going into the visit, but after the visit it jumped up to my number one after the visit. It was that good."

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