"It's good to be a Husker, baby!"

There was a lot of speculation and even hope about this weekend being THE weekend where Nebraska got off the snide as far as the lull in recruiting. With some of the top junior college players from the west coast coming in, there was hope that they would be leaving, knowing that come January, they would be coming back. Well, for some, that's just how it panned out as they said before they left "I'm a Husker."

"I'm a Husker, baby!"

Those were the quotes of not just one player, but two as two Fresno City College stars committed to Nebraska approximately an hour ago. Cornerback Andre Jones and linebacker Steve Allen knew that before they left, it was time to pull the trigger.

"We talked about it last night and everything that went on in the game," Steve Allen said of a discussion between himself and Andre about committing to Nebraska. "It was like we both couldn't wait to do it, because we knew this was where we wanted to be."

Andre said that he might have known even before that, but the game, the crowd and the defense that refused to say die as more than he could take. After what he saw, he knew that's what he wanted to be. "This team's got heart, man," he said. "They came all the way back and even took the lead. You can't beat that. This team's got no give up in them and I want to be part of that."

For Allen, he's of the same mind-set, but said that the atmosphere alone was something he just didn't expect to see. "Man, from the one year olds to the hundred year olds, everyone was yelling, start to finish," Steve said. "All day long, chanting our names, it was crazy, man, just crazy."

Andre Jones is considered one of the top cornerback prospects in the country, the 6 foot, 195 lbs. JUCO both fast and extremely physical. Considered to be one of those types that can contribute right away isn't good enough for him, though, especially not after last night. He wants to play right now. "If you would have given me a uniform, I would have gone out there to play," he said. "Watching those guys, man, you have to want to be part of that. I don't even want to wait."

Steve Allen, like Jones is a standout in his own right, the 6 foot, 2 inch, 230 pound linebacker sporting 4.5 athleticism in the 40, but it's not his athleticism that he'd say is his one major trait. It's his attitude and that's something he saw plenty of as Nebraska took on Texas Tech. "Just watch those guys out there and they are all flying around like crazy," Allen said. "They are hitting people, running all over and they're not giving in an inch."

"You have to want to be part of this. I don't see how you can't. Now, I just want to get back here and strap it on."

Of course, he nor Jones can do that, still having to work through their final season at Fresno CC, but come January, they will be officially in the mix. And, according to both, Compton Community College defensive tackle Brandon Johnson will be joining them as well. "Yeah, he committed to, so it's going to be cool the three of us coming in together," Jones said.

"The recruiting is done for both as they say that they saw what they wanted to see. What they hoped they would feel, see and hear, everything fit to a tee. It's good to be a Husker, each said, but now they are going to have to do what they don't want to do:


"I'm ready, let's go, let's strap it up," Allen said. "Watching that game last night got me going. I can't wait to play, but I can't wait to play here."

"It's good to be a Husker, baby!"

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