Davis says visit went real good

It usually doesn't take much to get on the radar. An offer or two or take a couple of official visits and you will be on everyone's map. It looks like the lid is about to blow off of the top of a surprise visitor at Nebraska this weekend.

Rulon Davis wasn't a known visitor really going into this weekend. Many didn't know that he was coming and many more didn't know who he was. They do now. The 6-foot-6 and 275 pound lineman from Mt. SAC (Calif.) Junior college enjoyed the weekend in Lincoln.

"It went good. The weather was chilly, but nice," Davis said. "It was football weather."

"The weekend went good, it went real good. This was a short-notice visit to Nebraska. I am kind of flying under the radar here. No one knew I was coming."

A current husker has Mt. SAC ties and hosted Davis this weekend. He knows Jordan, but did not play with him last year. Davis wasn't exactly in the country.

"Mt. SAC is a powerhouse. We put out athletes all the time. I know Jordan Picou. I wasn't there last year though, I was in a little country called Iraq."

"I was in the Marines. After the 2003 season we got activated. I was an avionic technician and worked on Cobras and Hueys. Those are helicopters. I did four years active. I got out of the Marines in February."

Davis, who will be eligible to transfer this December, has already been on one official visit and has three others in mind. He said that his previous official compared to the one to Nebraska didn't really compare.

"I took one to Marshall. I am looking to go to Michigan State, Louisville and Washington State. Nebraska is a top contender. They are winners. I don't know if Marshall has that fire that I am looking for."

With Davis size and speed, 4.9/40, he could be a force lining up at different positions along the line. That is how Nebraska plans to use him if he commits and is also his current role at Mt. SAC.

"They are looking to use me inside and outside. I do that now at Mt. SAC. I am a pass-rusher and run-stopper."

The overall grade for the visit to Nebraska isn't what might be considered a high grade in comparison to others, but Davis thoroughly enjoyed his time on his trip.

"I would give the visit to Nebraska was about an "8" I am not looking to stay out in California or anything in particular. I am looking for the best opportunity."

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