Give it a "9" for Purify

Nebraska had one a big recruiting weekend. They had some solid junior college talent in for the weekend and picked up three commits. While Maurice Purify did leave Lincoln uncommitted, things went good enough in Lincoln that he can really see himself playing there one day.

One of the big junior college players not to pull the trigger this weekend on a commitment was Maurice Purify. Purify is a 6-foot-4 and 215 pound receiver from CC of San Francisco (Calif.). He is looking forward to catching up on some sleep tomorrow.

"I just got back," Purify said. "It was a real long day. I don't have class tomorrow. We have a holiday."

Purify has never been to Lincoln, so was Nebraska what he was expecting to see?

"I didn't expect to see what I saw. I didn't think that the fans were going to be into the team like that. That was the biggest thing for me."

"When all the prospects came out to watch warm-ups they were yelling our names. Like "Purify!" and "We need ya'!". Stuff like that. I felt really good about that."

One of the things that Purify enjoyed about the game is the tunnel walk and getting the chance to come out early in it with the coaches. "We walk out with the coaches before the team. I liked that (the tunnel walk). I'd like to go through that tunnel walk again some day."

Other than the game, Purify was surprised with the number of academic All-Americans and the consecutive sell-out streak. He was also taken back when he was recognized before he even got to Nebraska.

"They have good academics. They have a lot of academic All-Americans. That stood out. They have also sold out 274 straight home games. The people were nice. When I got on the plane from here, people were all in red and knew my name before I even got to Nebraska."

During the game Purify took note of the office and saw how many times and how many different ways Nebraska tried to move the ball with the pass. He also noticed one key ingredient missing that he might be able to provide.

"They threw it around a little bit. I do see myself in that offense. They need a big receiver."

While in Lincoln he spent a lot of time with the current players. He hit it off with a junior college transfer from last year. He also was surprised to hear some words of encouragement to come to Lincoln.

"I met a lot of the players. I hit it off with Ola Dagundero. There was also a redshirt wide receiver. He was telling me that they needed me too. I was pretty surprised at that because what receiver is going to tell another receiver that we need you?"

"I also met with "Freak". He was a cornerback. It's Donald DeFrand. He's a really cool guy. I had a great time. I loved it; I liked what I saw."

This was Purify's first visit anywhere and really could only rate the visit based on expectations and what he is looking for in a school. So what did he rate the Nebraska visit?

"I would give it a "9". I didn't really think that Nebraska would be some place that I would like to go until I walked in, but now that I have seen it it is somewhere I am thinking about going."

While he was in Lincoln he got a chance to meet up with a couple of players he has played against once or twice. The two of them committed to Nebraska this weekend along with a defensive lineman that he also met.

"I played against Andre Jones and Steve Allen at Fresno. It was a big reunion. Those guys committed and so did Brandon Johnson."

If there was something for Purify to go back and hang his hat on about the weekend it might be the honesty that he has been shown by the Nebraska coaching staff. Before he got to Lincoln he was told how things were. When he hit the ground again he heard and saw the very thing he was told about by the Nebraska fans.

"There were a lot people on the plane that were talking to me about things in Lincoln. The one good thing that I liked about it before I got there the fans were telling me something and then when I got there the coaches were telling me the same exact thing. That made me feel like they were telling me the truth, all the way through."

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