Can Nebraska Expect A Visit From Mullins?

Four star defensive tackle prospect Alerick Mullins has definitely taken his time when it's come to making visits and many have asked why. We here at Big Red Report found out the answer. Also, it appears that during Mullins' senior season, the big man is being used in some very interesting situations. Also, find out if his current relationship with the Cornhuskers has continued to cultivate.

When Tennessee and Georgia get together, typically you're going to find yourself an old-fashioned SEC brawl especially when it's in Tennessee's house. Alerick Mullins found himself amongst the orange and took in the sights watching the Bulldogs upset the Volunteers. "I was expecting a noisy crowd as usual, they delivered. I noticed the Tennessee defense and how they worked as a unit. I took notice of how they responded (after being down and facing a shutout.)," he said.

In Mullins' own season, it appears that he's definitely in the running for some manner of Ironman award. "We did pretty well last week. I had a sack and five tackles," he said. Now, normally this is where you expect the statistics to stop, but not with Alerick. "I had a couple carries and I broke a big one for 20-25 yards. I finished the game with 8 carries 35 yards," said Mullins.

Yes, there was a 295 pound fullback on the field in Wendell, North Carolina. "Coach also had me at Middle Linebacker plus I played my normal Defensive Tackle and Defensive End positions," he said. His team currently sits at 6-1, but Mullins feels there is room for improvement. "There are still some things on offense we need to improve on, but the defense is about as good as it can be. If the offensive can work out a few kinks we can compete with anyone," Alerick said.

Coming into the season, Mullins had a few goals he'd like to reach. Thus far, he feels satisfied with the progress made. "My goals were to get off to a good start which I have done and help my team win as much as possible, which, of course, we've done. As an entire unit, we're doing really well," he said.

Many have wondered about Alerick's lack of official visit dates as the autumn months drug on, but it appears that the reason behind the clear schedule has become apparent. "Most schools are just waiting on me to take the ACT on the 22nd. I think after I take it that most schools will bring me in for a visit," he said.

One such school looking very good for one of those visits is Nebraska. Mullins said about his contacts with Nebraska over the past month or so, "I've been talking to them every week. They talk to me about my tests, their program, how the players are and how good they plan to be," Mullins said.

Mullins has come across impressed with the coaching staff from Nebraska and more to the point, how they know what they want in him. "They already know what they need and what can help to improve their program and I really like that. Someone who tells me not necessarily what I want to hear but what I can to do help them," said Mullins. "The relationship is starting to build the more I talk to them and if I can get down there for an official, it'll continue but for now it's really coming along," he said.

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